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92:1  By the night as it veils
92:2  And by the day as it unveils
92:3  And by the Power that created the male and the female
92:4  Indeed, your [mankind's] work is in divergent fields of activity
92:5  And, he who gave [things in Allah's Path] and feared Him
92:6  And stood firmly by what was good and right
92:7  For him shall We make things easy
92:8  And he who was miserly [in giving things in Allah's Path], and considered that he needed no divine help
92:9  And belied what was good and right
92:10  For him shall We make things difficult
92:11  And his wealth shall avail him not when he drops dead
92:12  It is certainly indeed for Us to give the guidance
92:13  And, certainly indeed, the Dominion over both the Hereafter and the present world is Ours
92:14  I then warn you of the flaming Fir
92:15  None shall burn in it [the Fire] but the wicked person
92:16  He who belies the Truth and turns away [from it]
92:17  And, he will be distanced from it [Fire] who fears Allah
92:18  He who spends his wealth [on others] to keep himself pure
92:19  — And he has none with him to be recompensed of favours received —
92:20  And he spends for nothing but to seek the pleasure of his Lord, the Most High
92:21  And such persons, certainly, shall in time be well-pleased