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92:1  By the night when it overshadows.
92:2  And by the day when it brightens.
92:3  And by Him Who made the male and female.
92:4  Undoubtedly, your strivings are diverse.
92:5  Then as for him who gave (in charity) and feared God.
92:6  And testified the best,
92:7  We shall soon provide him facility.
92:8  And as for him who stinted and became independent,
92:9  And belied the best,
92:10  We shall soon provide him hardship.
92:11  And his wealth will not avail him when he will perish.
92:12  Undoubtedly, upon Us rests the guidance.
92:13  And undoubtedly, to Us belongs the Hereafter as well as the present world.
92:14  So I warn you of the Fire which is flaming.
92:15  None shall enter it but the most wicked one.
92:16  Who belied and turned his face.
92:17  But the most pious one shall be kept far away from it,
92:18  Who gives his wealth to become purified.
92:19  And he owes no favour to anyone for recompense;
92:20  But he only seeks the pleasure of his Lord Who is the Most High.
92:21  And undoubtedly, soon he will be pleased