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92:1  BY THE night, when she lets fall her darkness
92:2  and by the radiant day
92:3  By Him that created the male and the female
92:4  your endeavours have varied ends
92:5  For him that gives and fears Go
92:6  and believes in goodness
92:7  We shall smooth the path of salvation
92:8  but for him that gives nothing and strives to enrich himsel
92:9  and disbelieves in goodness
92:10  We shall smooth the path of affliction
92:11  When he breathes his last, his riches will not avail him
92:12  It is for Us to give guidance
92:13  Ours is the life to come, Ours the life of this world
92:14  I warn you, then, of a blazing Fire
92:15  in which none shall burn save the hardened sinner
92:16  who disbelieves and turns away
92:17  But the good man who keeps himself pure by almsgiving shall keep away from it
92:18  and so shall he that does good work
92:19  for the sake of his Lord the Most High only, seeking no recompense
92:20  --(translation missing in source)-
92:21  He will surely be well pleased