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92:1  By the nighttime when it overcomes,
92:2  by the daytime when it self-disclosed,
92:3  by Him Who created the male and the female,
92:4  truly, your endeavoring is diverse.
92:5  As for him who gave and was Godfearing
92:6  and established the fairer as true,
92:7  We will make easy for him the easing.
92:8  And as for him who was a miser and was self-sufficient
92:9  and denied the fairer,
92:10  We will make falling into difficulty easy for him.
92:11  And his wealth will not avail him when he succumbed.
92:12  Truly, guidance is from Us
92:13  and, truly, to Us belongs the last and the first.
92:14  I warned you of a fire that blazes fiercely.
92:15  It roasts none but the vile
92:16  who denied and turned away.
92:17  But the devout will be caused to turn aside from it.
92:18  He who gives of his wealth to purify himself,
92:19  and with him there is none for which recompense is expected to be given for divine blessing,
92:20  but looking for the Countenance of his Lord, The Lofty,
92:21  he will be well-pleased.