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92:1  By the night as it veils [the earth] in darkness
92:2  and by the day as it appears radiantly
92:3  and by the creation of the male and the female
92:4  O men, you truly strive towards the most diverse ends
92:5  As for one who gives [to others] and fears [God]
92:6  and believes in the truth of what is right
92:7  We will pave his way to ease
92:8  But as for one who is miserly and unheeding
92:9  and rejects what is right
92:10  We shall pave his way to hardship
92:11  nor will his wealth profit him when he falls [into the pit]
92:12  Surely, it is for Us to provide guidanc
92:13  and to Us belongs the Hereafter as well as the present worl
92:14  I have warned you then about a raging Fire
92:15  none shall enter it but the most wicked
92:16  who denied [the truth], and turned away
92:17  One who fears God shall be kept away from i
92:18  one who gives his wealth to become purified
92:19  and owes no favour to anyone, which is to be repaid
92:20  acting only for the sake of his Lord the Most Hig
92:21  and before long he will be well satisfied