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al-Layl (The Night)
as rendered by Sher Ali
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Sher Ali rendition of Surah The Night(al-Layl)
92:1 By the night when it covers up;
92:2 And by the day when it shines forth,
92:3 And by the creation of the male and the female,
92:4 Surely, your strivings are diverse.
92:5 Then as for him who gives for the cause of ALLAH and is righteous,
92:6 And testifies to the truth of what is right,
92:7 WE will provide for him every facility for good.
92:8 But as for him who is niggardly and is disdainfully indifferent,
92:9 And rejects what is right,
92:10 WE will make easy for him the path to distress.
92:11 And his wealth shall not avail him when he perishes.
92:12 Surely, it is for US to guide;
92:13 And to US belongs the Hereafter as well as the present world.
92:14 So I warn you of a blazing Fire.
92:15 None shall enter it but the most wicked one,
92:16 Who rejects the truth and turns his back on it.
92:17 But the righteous one shall be kept away from it,
92:18 Who gives his wealth that he may be purified,
92:19 And not because he owes a favour to anyone, which is to be repaid,
92:20 But solely to seek the pleasure of his Lord, the Most High.
92:21 Surely, will HE be well-pleased with him.


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