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al-Layl (The Night)
as rendered by Muhammad Sarwar
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Muhammad Sarwar rendition of Surah The Night(al-Layl)
92:1 By the night when it covers the day,
92:2 by the day when it appears radiant,
92:3 and by that (Power) which created the male and female,
92:4 you strive in various ways.
92:5 We shall facilitate the path to bliss
92:6 for those who spend for the cause of God,
92:7 observe piety, and believe in receiving rewards from God.
92:8 But for those who are niggardly, horde their wealth,
92:9 and have no faith in receiving any reward (from God).
92:10 We shall facilitate the path to affliction
92:11 and their wealth will be of no benefit to them when they face destruction.
92:12 Surely, in Our hands is guidance,
92:13 and to Us belong the hereafter and the worldly life.
92:14 I have warned you about the fierce blazing fire
92:15 in which no one will suffer forever
92:16 except the wicked ones who have rejected the (Truth) and have turned away from it.
92:17 The pious ones who spend for the cause of God
92:18 and purify themselves will be safe from this fire.
92:19 They do not expect any reward
92:20 except the pleasure of their Lord, the Most High
92:21 and the reward (of their Lord) will certainly make them happy.


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