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92:1  BY the NIGHT when she spreads her veil
92:2  By the Day when it brightly shineth
92:3  By Him who made male and female
92:4  At different ends truly do ye aim
92:5  But as to him who giveth alms and feareth God
92:6  And yieldeth assent to the Good
92:7  To him will we make easy the path to happiness
92:8  But as to him who is covetous and bent on riches
92:9  And calleth the Good a lie
92:10  To him will we make easy the path to misery
92:11  And what shall his wealth avail him when he goeth down
92:12  Truly man's guidance is with U
92:13  And Our's, the Future and the Past
92:14  I warn you therefore of the flaming fire
92:15  None shall be cast to it but the most wretched,
92:16  Who hath called the truth a lie and turned his back
92:17  But the God-fearing shall escape it,
92:18  Who giveth away his substance that he may become pure
92:19  And who offereth not favours to any one for the sake of recompense
92:20  But only as seeking the face of his Lord the Most High
92:21  And surely in the end he shall be well content