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89:1  By the daybreak,
89:2  and Ten Nights,
89:3  and the Even and the Odd,
89:4  and the night when it passes:
89:5  is there in these an oath to those of understanding?
89:14  Your Lord is truly on the watch:
89:15  and as for humanity, when their Lord tests them by honoring and pampering them, they say, "My Lord has honored me!"
89:16  And when their Lord tests them by restricting their livelihood, then they say, "My Lord has abased me!"
89:17  Oh, no! But you do not honor orphans
89:18  or encourage each other to feed the poor;
89:19  and you eat up inheritance with consuming gluttony,
89:20  and yo.1 love wealth with exceeding love.
89:21  Oh, no! When the earth is pulverized, pounded to dust,
89:22  and your Lord comes, and the angels, row after row, rank upon rank,
89:23  and on that day will hell be set forth: on that day humankind will remember, but how will that reminder avail them?
89:24  They will say, "Oh, would that I had prepared for my life!"
89:25  For on that day no one can inflict the punishment of God,
89:26  and no one can tie the bonds of God.
89:27  O soul, in satisfied peace,
89:28  return to your Lord, pleased and accepted.
89:29  Join the company of My servants,
89:30  and enter into My Garden.