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88:1  There has reached you the news of the overwhelming event (- the Resurrection)
88:2  Some persons shall be downcast and humble that day
88:3  Toil-worn and weary
88:4  They shall enter a blazing Fire
88:5  They shall be made to drink from a spring of boiling hot water
88:6  Dry, bitter and thorny herbage shall be their only food
88:7  Which neither nourishes nor satisfies hunger
88:8  On that day some (other) persons will be fresh and joyful
88:9  Well-satisfied with (the fruit of) their (pious) strivings
88:10  (They will live) in a sublime Garden
88:11  Wherein you will hear no vain talk
88:12  It shall have a running spring
88:13  It shall have thrones raised high
88:14  And goblets properly set
88:15  And cushions (beautifully) ranged in rows
88:16  And velvety carpets (tastefully) spread
88:17  Do the people not then look at the clouds and the camels, how they are made
88:18  And at the heaven, how it is raised high
88:19  And at the mountains, how they are set up
88:20  And at the earth, how it is spread out
88:21  Keep on admonishing (them even if they insist on shutting their eyes), so your duty is one of an admonisher
88:22  You are not (appointed) a keeper, stern and hard, to (compel) them
88:23  But as to him who turns away and disbelieves
88:24  Allah shall punish him with the greatest punishment
88:25  Verily, to Us is their ultimate return
88:26  Then it is surely for Us to call them to account