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88:1  Did the story of the overwhelming come to you
88:2  On that day (some) faces are humble
88:3  working hard, exhausted
88:4  entering (and burning in) a scorching fire
88:5  they are made to drink from a boiling spring
88:6  There is no food for them except from a thorny plant
88:7  that does not nourish and it does not satisfy hunger
88:8  On that day (other) faces are delightful
88:9  pleased with their effor
88:10  in an excellent garden
88:11  they do not hear any useless talk in it
88:12  a running spring in it
88:13  raised sofas in it
88:14  and drinking glasses set in place
88:15  and pillows arranged in rows
88:16  and spread out rugs
88:17  Do they not look at the camel, how it is created
88:18  And at the sky, how it is raised
88:19  And at the mountain, how it is set up
88:20  And at the earth, how it is spread out
88:21  So remind (them), for you are only to remind
88:22  You are not an overseer for them
88:23  But anyone who turns away and disbelieves
88:24  then God punishes him with the great punishment
88:25  Indeed their return is to Us
88:26  then indeed their accounting is on Us