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al-Ghashiyah (The Overwhelming, The Overwhelming Calamity, The Pall)
as rendered by Safi Kaskas
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Safi Kaskas rendition of Surah The Overwhelming, The Overwhelming Calamity, The Pall(al-Ghashiyah)
88:1 Have you heard about the Overwhelming Event?
88:2 Some faces, that Day, will be humbled,
88:3 working hard and exhausted.
88:4 They will kindle an intensely hot Fire
88:5 and will be given drinks from a boiling spring.
88:6 They will have no food except from a thorny plant,
88:7 that neither nourishes nor satisfies hunger.
88:8 Other faces, that day, will be peaceful.
88:9 Well pleased with their endeavor,
88:10 in an elevated Garden,
88:11 where they will hear no idle talk.
88:12 A flowing spring runs through it.
88:13 Raised couches are placed there,
88:14 cups put in place
88:15 cushions lined up
88:16 and carpets spread around.
88:17 Don't they look at how the camels are created,
88:18 at how the sky is raised
88:19 at how the mountains are erected
88:20 and at how the earth is spread out?
88:21 So remind them, for you are but a reminder.
88:22 You are not in control of them.
88:23 But whoever turns away and rejects the truth,
88:24 God will inflict him with the greatest punishment.
88:25 To Us is their return.
88:26 Then it is for Us to call them to account.


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