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Dr. Kamal Omar

al-Ghashiyah (The Overwhelming, The Overwhelming Calamity, The Pall)
as rendered by Dr. Kamal Omar
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Dr. Kamal Omar rendition of Surah The Overwhelming, The Overwhelming Calamity, The Pall(al-Ghashiyah)
88:1 Has the Hadees regarding Al-Ghashiyah (The overwhelming event) reached you?
88:2 Some faces that Day would be lowering themselves (in humiliation),
88:3 breathing with much effort, weary in look,
88:4 they enter the fire that heats up (the human body giving it severe burns which dissolve the skin),
88:5 they will be given to drink from a boiling hot spring.
88:6 There is not for them a food except out of poisonous thorny plant.
88:7 It provides no nourishment and nor provides relief from hunger.
88:8 (Some) faces that Day (will be)in full joy.
88:9 Regarding their endeavour — (these faces are) glad (and self satisfied),
88:10 in Garden raised high.
88:11 These (people) shall not hear therein senseless speech.
88:12 Therein is a running spring.
88:13 Therein are beds raised high,
88:14 and cups set beautifully,
88:15 and cushions set in rows,
88:16 and rich carpets spread out.
88:17 Do they then not look at the camels, how they are created;
88:18 and to the heaven, how it is raised;
88:19 and to the mountains, how they are rooted and fixed firm;
88:20 and at the earth, how it has been evenly spread out?
88:21 So do propagate; surely, what (is a fact is that) you are Muzakkir.
88:22 You are not over them Musaitir.
88:23 But whoever turned away and disbelieved,
88:24 then Allah will punish him with a greater punishment (in the Hereafter).
88:25 Surely, towards Us is their final Return.
88:26 Then surely, on Us is their Accountability.


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