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88:1  Did the disaster's/pericardium's/Resurrection's information/news come to you
88:2  Faces/fronts (on) that day (are) humble/submissive
88:3  Making/doing/working, fatigued/exhausted
88:4  It roasts/suffers a hot fire
88:5  Being given drink/being watered from (a) present/near water well/spring
88:6  Food/feeding is not for them except from Dareigh/gland (excretion)
88:7  (It) does not fatten (nourish), and nor enriches/suffices from starvation/hunger
88:8  Faces/fronts (on) that day (are) comfortable and eased/happy/smooth
88:9  Accepting/approving for its striving/endeavor
88:10  In an elevated/dignified treed garden/paradise
88:11  You do not hear/listen (to) nonsense/senseless talk in it
88:12  In it (is a) flowing/running water well/spring
88:13  In it (are) raised royal beds/sofas
88:14  And laid/raised cups
88:15  And lined/arranged small pillows/cushions
88:16  And scattered/distributed carpets/rugs
88:17  Do they not look/wonder about to the camels how it was created
88:18  And to the sky/space how it was raised
88:19  And to the mountains how it was erected and raised/affixed
88:20  And to the earth/Planet Earth how it was outspread/surfaced
88:21  So remind, truly you are a reminder
88:22  You are not on them with dominating/controlling
88:23  Except who turned away and disbelieved
88:24  So God tortures him the torture, the greatest
88:25  That truly to Us (is) their return
88:26  Then that truly on Us (is) their account/calculation