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58:1  Already Allah heard a saying of that one arguing with you in her husband and complaining to Allah. And Allah hears your arguing; surely, Allah is Hearer, Seer.
58:2  Those who pronounce (Zihar) from you [telling to their wives you become like our mother's back forbidden to us] their wives. They are not their mothers. Their mothers are none except those who gave birth to them. And surely, they are saying a denial from the saying and a perjury. And surely, Allah is Pardoning, Forgiver.
58:3  And those who pronounce (Zihar) from their wives, then return back on what they said, so [they must] free a slave’s neck before they touch each other. That is what you are exhorted with; and Allah is Expert with what you work.
58:4  So, whoever cannot find (the means) so he must fast for two consecutive months before they touch each other; and who is incapable, so (he) feeds sixty needy persons. That is to believe in Allah and His Messenger; and these are Allah’s limits. And for the infidels is a painful torment.
58:5  Surely, those who infract Allah, and His Messenger would be suppressed as those before them were suppressed. And We already sent down proof verses. And for the infidels is a humiliating torment.
58:6  On a Day when Allah will raise them altogether, So He informs them with what they worked. Allah had enumerated it, and they forgot it; and Allah is over all things, a Witness.
58:7  Have you not seen that Allah knows whatever is in the skies and whatever is in the earth? There is not a secret counsel between three persons except He is their fourth, nor (between) five except He is their sixth, nor less than that nor more except He is with them wherever they are; then He will inform them with what they worked on The Resurrection Day: surely Allah is with everything, Knowledgeable.
58:8  Have you not seen those who are prohibited from the secret counsels, then they return to what they were prohibited about, and they secret counsels with the sin and the aggression and the messenger disobedience? And if they come to you, they greet you by a greeting of what Allah did not greet you by, and they say within themselves: Why does not Allah torture us by what we say? Gohanam (Hell) is sufficient for them; they shall be flamed in it, so wretched is destiny.
58:9  O you who believed! If you secretly counsel, so do not secretly counsel by the sin, and the aggression, and the messenger disobedience; and secretly counsel by the devotion, and the piety; And show the piety of Allah, the one who to Him you are mustering.
58:10  The secret consultation is only from Satan to grieve those who have believed, and he will not harm them anything except with Allah's permission. And upon Allah, so the believers shall rely.
58:11  O you who have believed, if it is said for you, "Space for yourselves" in the assembly's sitting places, so make space; Allah will make space for you. And if it is said for you, "Disperse up," so disperse up; Allah elevates those who have believed from you and those who were given the knowledge degrees. And Allah is with what you are working, an Expert.
58:12  O you who believed! When you secretly consult, the Messenger, so present between hands of your secret consulting, alms. That is goodness for you, and purer. So, if you do not find (the means), so surely Allah is Forgiver, Merciful.
58:13  Are you apprehensive to present between hands of your secret consulting, alms? So, if you did not do, and Allah repented upon you, so establish the prayer, and give the Zakat, and obey Allah and His Messenger. And Allah is with what you are working, an Expert.
58:14  Have you not seen those who guardian a kinfolk whom Allah has anger upon them? They are neither from you nor from them, and they swear on the lie while they know.
58:15  Allah has prepared for them a severe torment. Surely, it was bad what they were working on.
58:16  They took their oaths as a screen, so they hindered Allah's pathway. So, for them a humiliating torment.
58:17  Neither their money nor their progeny will avail them from Allah anything. Those are The Fire 's Companions, they are therein, immortals.
58:18  On a Day Allah will raise them altogether, so they will swear to Him as they swear to you, and they consider that they are upon a thing. Verily, they are the liars.
58:19  Satan has possessed them, so he let them forget Allah's reminder. Those are Satan’s party. Verily, that Satan's party is the losers.
58:20  Surely those who infract Allah and His Messenger, those are in the lowermost humiliated.
58:21  Allah has written: “I will overcome, I and My messengers.” Surely Allah is Strong, Mighty.
58:22  You will not find a kinfolk who believe in Allah and the Last Day having affection for those who infract Allah and His Messenger, even if they were their parents or their sons or their brothers or their kindred. Those, He has written within their cores the faith and supported them with spirit from Him. And He enters them paradises beneath which the rivers are running, immortals therein. Allah is satisfied with them, and they are satisfied with Him, those are Allah’s party. Verily, that Allah’s party is the gainers.