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46:1  Ha-Mim.
46:2  The revelation of the book (this Qur’an) is from Allah, the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.
46:3  We have not created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them except with truth, and for an appointed term. Those who disbelieve turn away from that where they are warned.
46:4  Say (O Muhammad): “Do you see what you invoke besides Allah? Show me what have they created of the earth? Or do they have any share in (the creation of) the heavens? Bring me any book (revealed) before this or some trace of knowledge (to support your claims), if you are truthful!”
46:5  And who is more astray than one who calls (deities) besides Allah, one who will not answer till the Day of Resurrection, and who are not even aware of their calls to them?
46:6  And when mankind shall be gathered (on the Day of Resurrection), they (false deities) will become enemies for them and will deny their worshipping.
46:7  And when Our clear revelations are recited to them, and the truth (this Qur’an) reaches them, the disbelievers say: “This is plain magic!”
46:8  Or they say: “He (Muhammad) has fabricated it.” Say: “If I have fabricated it, then you have no power to support me in anything against (the Wrath of) Allah. He knows better of what you say among yourselves concerning it (this Qur’an)! He is sufficient as a witness between me and between you! And He is the Forgiving, the Merciful.”
46:9  Say (O Muhammad): “I am not a new thing among the Messengers (of Allah) and I don’t know what will be done with me or with you. I only follow what is revealed to me, and I am not but a plain Warner.”
46:10  Say: “Do you see, if this (Qur’an) is from Allah and you deny it, and a witness from the children of Israel (Abdullah bin Salam) has testified to its similarity (that this Qur’an is from Allah like the Torah), and he has believed (embraced Islam), while you are too proud (to believe). Surely! Allah does not guide the wrongdoers.”
46:11  And those who disbelieve (strong and wealthy) say to those who believe (weak and poor): “Had it (the Qur’an) been a good thing, they (believers) would not have believed in it before us!” Since they did not accept its guidance (this Qur’an), they say: “This is an ancient lie!”
46:12  And from before, this was the Scripture of Moses as a guide and a Mercy. This book (the Qur’an) confirms it. It is revealed in the Arabic language to warn those who do wrong, and as glad tidings to the righteous people.
46:13  Surely, those who say: “Our Lord is (only) Allah,” and thereafter stand firm, there shall be no fear on them, nor they shall grieve.
46:14  They shall be the residents of Paradise, abide in it forever, a reward for what they used to do.
46:15  And We have enjoined on people to be dutiful and kind to their parents. Its mother bears it with hardships and she brings it forth with hardships, and the bearing of it, and the weaning of it is 30 months. Till when it attains full strength and reaches 40 years, it says: “My Lord! Grant me the power and ability so that I may be grateful for Your Favor which You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents, and that I may do righteous deeds such as to please You, and make my offspring good for me. Truly, I have turned to You in repentance, and truly, I am one of the Muslims.”
46:16  They are those from whom We shall accept the best of their deeds and overlook their evil deeds. They will be among the residents of Paradise, a Promise of truth which they have been promised.
46:17  But one who says to its parents: “Uff upon you both! Do you hold out the promise to me that I shall be raised up again and surely generations before me have passed away (without rising)?” While they (father and mother) invoke Allah (for help and rebuke their son): “Woe to you! Believe! Surely, the Promise of Allah is true.” But he says: “This is nothing but the tales of the ancient.”
46:18  They are those against whom the word (of punishment) is justified and they will be among the previous generations of jinns and mankind that surely have passed away. Surely! They will be the losers.
46:19  For all, there will be ranks according to their deed, so that He may recompense them fully for their deeds. They will not be wronged.
46:20  On the Day when those who disbelieved will be exposed to the fire (it will be said): “You received your good things in the life of the world, and you took your pleasure in it. Now this Day you shall be recompensed with a punishment of humiliation because you were arrogant in the land without a right, and because you used to rebel and disobey (Allah).”
46:21  And remember (Hud) the brother of Ad, when he warned his people in the curved sand-hills (located in the southern part of Arabian Peninsula). Surely, warners have passed before him and after him (saying): “Worship none but Allah. Truly, I fear for you the punishment of a mighty Day.”
46:22  They said: “Have you come to us to turn us away from our deity? Then bring us that (punishment) with which you threaten us, if you are one of the truthful!”
46:23  He said: “The knowledge (of the time of its coming) is only with Allah. I convey to you what I have been sent herewith, but I see that you are ignorant people.”
46:24  Then, when they saw it (punishment) as a dense cloud coming towards their valleys, they said: “This cloud will bring us rain.” Nay, but it is that (punishment) which you were asking to be hastened! It is a wind in it is a painful punishment!
46:25  It will destroy everything by the command of its Lord. So they became such that nothing could be seen except their (ruined) residences! Thus We did recompense the people who were criminals!
46:26  And indeed We had firmly established them much better than We have established you (O Quraish of Makkah)! And We had assigned for them hearing, seeing, and hearts. But their hearing, seeing and their hearts availed them nothing since they used to deny the revelations of Allah, and they were completely encircled by that which they used to mock at.
46:27  And indeed We have destroyed towns (populations) around you, and We have shown them in various ways the revelations so that they may return (to the truth).
46:28  Then why did those whom they had taken as deities besides Allah, as a way of approach (to Allah) not help them? Nay, but they (deities) vanished completely from them (where punishment came). Those were their lies and false inventions (before their destruction).
46:29  And (remember) when We have sent towards you (Muhammad) a party of the jinns, quietly listening to the Qur’an when they stood in the presence thereof, they said: “Listen in silence!” When it was finished, they returned to their people, as warners.
46:30  They said: “O our people! Surely! We have listened to a book (this Qur’an) sent down after Moses, confirming what came before it, and it guides to the truth and to the Right Way (Islam).
46:31  O our people! Respond to Allah’s caller (Muhammad), and believe in him. He will forgive you from your sins and will save you from a painful punishment (hellfire).
46:32  And whoever does not respond to Allah’s caller, it cannot escape on earth, and there will not be protectors for it besides Allah (from His punishment). Those people are in clear error.”
46:33  Don’t they see that Allah, who created the heavens and the earth and was not tired by their creation, is Able to give life to the dead? Yes, surely He has power over all things.
46:34  On the Day when those who disbelieve will be exposed to the fire, (it will be said): “Is this not the truth?” They will say: “Yes, by our Lord!” He will say: “Taste the punishment, because you used to disbelieve!”
46:35  Therefore be patient (O Muhammad) as endured by those Messengers of strong will and don’t haste about them (disbelievers). On the Day when they will see that (punishment) with which they are being threatened as if they had not stayed more than an Hour in a single day. (This Qur’an is sufficient as) a clear message. But shall anyone be destroyed except the people who are sinners