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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad

al-Ahqaf (The Wind-curved Sandhills, The Dunes, The Sandhills)
as rendered by Bakhtiari Nejad
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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad rendition of Surah The Wind-curved Sandhills, The Dunes, The Sandhills(al-Ahqaf)
46:1 H. M. (Ha. Mim.)
46:2 Sending down of the book is from God, the powerful, the wise.
46:3 We did not create the skies and the earth and whatever in between them except in truth and for a finite time. But those who disbelieved turn away from what they are warned about.
46:4 Say: what do you think of what you call on other than God, show me what they created of the earth or do they have a share in (the creation of) the skies? Bring me a book from before this or any indication of knowledge if you are truthful.
46:5 Who is more mistaken than someone who calls on anyone other than God who does not answer him (even) until the resurrection day, and they are unaware of their call?
46:6 And when the people are gathered, they are their enemies and they deny their servitude.
46:7 And when Our clear signs (verses) are read to them, those who disbelieved say about the truth that comes to them: this is a clear magic.
46:8 Or they say: he made it up. Say: if I made it up, then you do not have any power (to do anything) for me against God, He knows better what you discuss about it, He is enough as a witness between me and you, and He is the forgiving, the merciful.
46:9 Say: I am not beginning (and the first) of the messengers, and I do not know what is done with me and with you, I only follow what is revealed to me, and I am only a clear warner.
46:10 Say: what do you thing if it (Quran) is from God and you disbelieved in it while a witness from children of Israel testified to its similarities and he believed (in it), and you were arrogant? Indeed God does not guide the wrongdoing people.
46:11 And those who disbelieved said to those who believed: if it was good, no one would be ahead of us (in believing) to it. And when they were not guided by it, then they are going to say: this is an old lie.
46:12 And book of Moses was a leader and a mercy before it, and this is a confirming book in Arabic language, in order to warn those who do wrong and as good news to the good doers.
46:13 Indeed those who said God is our Master, then they persevered, they have no fear and no sadness.
46:14 They are inhabitants of the garden, remaining in there forever, as a reward for what they were doing.
46:15 And We instructed the human being to kindness to his parent. His mother carried him in pain and gave birth to him in pain, and carried him and breastfed him for thirty months. When he reached his full maturity and he reached forty years, he said: my Master, enable me to thank for Your favor that you granted me and my parents, and to do good work that pleases You, and straighten out my descendants for me, indeed I turned to You (in repentance) and I am of the submitted ones.
46:16 They are those whom We accept the best of what they do from them, and We overlook their bad deeds, (they are) among inhabitants of the garden, the true promise that they were promised.
46:17 And the one who said to his parent: ugh (yuck) to you, do you promise me that I am brought out while generations before me have passed away (and they were not resurrected)? And they both ask for God’s help (saying): woe to you, believe, as God’s promise is indeed true. Then he says: this is only stories of the earlier ones.
46:18 They are those who deserve the word (of punishment) for groups of Jinn and humans that have passed away before them, indeed they are losers.
46:19 And everyone have (different) ranks because of what they did, so that He repays them for their deeds and they are not wronged.
46:20 And on a day when those who disbelieved are presented to the fire (they are told): you did away with your good things in your life of the world, and you enjoyed it, so today you are paid back with a humiliating punishment because you were unjustifiably arrogant on the earth and because you were disobedient.
46:21 And remember (Hud), brother of (people of) Aad, when he warned his people at the dunes, while other warners have passed before him and after him, (saying): do not serve (anyone) except God, indeed I am afraid of the punishment of a great day upon you.
46:22 They said: did you come to us to turn us away from our gods? Then bring us what you promise us, if you are truthful.
46:23 He said: the knowledge (of it) is only with God, and I preach to you what I was sent with it, but I see that you are ignorant people.
46:24 So when they saw it (the punishment) as a cloud moving toward their valleys, they said: this is a cloud bringing us rain. No, but his is what you wanted it to be rushed, a wind with a painful punishment in it.
46:25 It destroys everything by order of its Master. Then they became such that only their houses is seen. That is how We pay back the guilty people.
46:26 And We have certainly given them powers in that which We did not give you power in it, and We gave them hearing and eyes and hearts, but their hearing and their eyes and their hearts was of no use to them at all when they were rejecting God’s signs, and what they used to ridicule it (the punishment) surrounded them.
46:27 And We have certainly destroyed the towns around you, and We explained the signs so that you may return.
46:28 So why those whom they took as gods besides God to get closer (to Him) did not help them? No, but they abandoned them. And that was their lie and what they used to make up.
46:29 And (remember) when We turned a number of the Jinn toward you listening to the Quran, so when they were in its presence, they said: be quiet (and listen). Then when it was over, they returned to their people, warning (them).
46:30 They said: our people, indeed we heard a book that was sent down after Moses, confirming what is before it, guiding to the truth and to a straight path.
46:31 Our people, answer God’s caller and believe in him/Him. He forgives some of your sins and protects you from a painful punishment.
46:32 And anyone who does not answer God’s caller, then he does not incapacitate (God) on the earth and there is no protector for him other than Him. They are in an obvious error.
46:33 Did they not see that God, the One who created the skies and the earth and he did not tire out by their creation, is able to give life to the dead? Yes, indeed He is capable of everything.
46:34 And on a day that those who disbelieved are presented to the fire (they are told): is this not the truth? They say: yes, by our Master (this is the truth). He says: so, taste the punishment because you used to disbelieve.
46:35 So persevere (and be patient) as the strong-willed (and determined) messengers were, and do not ask to rush (the punishment) for them. On a day that they see what they are promised, (it is) as if they only stayed (dead) for an hour of a day. This is a notification. So would anyone be destroyed except the disobedient people?


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