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46:1  H M
46:2  The Book's descent from God, the glorious/mighty , the wise/judicious
46:3  We did not create the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth and what (is) between them (B) except with the truth , and a named/identified (specified) term/time, and those who disbelieved (are) objecting/opposing from what they were warned/given notice (of)
46:4  Say: "Did you see what you call from other than God? Show me what they created from the earth/Planet Earth, or for them (is) a partnership in the skies/space? Come/bring to me with a Book from before this, or a mark/historical remain from knowledge, if you were truthful."
46:5  And who (is) more misguided than who calls from other than God whom does not answer/reply to him to the Resurrection Day, and they are from their call/request/prayer ignoring/disregarding
46:6  And if the people were gathered, they (their gods) were enemies for them, and they were with their worshipping disbelieving (disowning)
46:7  And if Our evidences/signs/verses are read/recited on them, those who disbelieved to the truth when it came to them said: "This (is) clear/evident magic/sorcery."
46:8  Or they say: "He fabricated/cut and split it." Say: "If I fabricated/cut and split it, so you do not own/possess for me from God a thing. He is more knowledgeable with what you rush/hurry in it, enough/sufficient with Him (as) a witness/testifier between me and between you, and He is the forgiving, the merciful."
46:9  Say: "I was not (a) new invention/unprecedented from the messengers, and I do not know what will be made/done with me, nor with you, that I follow except what is being inspired/transmitted to me, and I am not except a clear/evident warner/giver of notice."
46:10  Say: "Did you see if (it) was from at God, and you disbelieved with (in) it, and a witness/testifier from Israel's sons and daughters witnessed/testified on similar/alike to it (Old Testament), so he believed and you became arrogant? That truly God does not guide the nation the unjust/oppressive."
46:11  And those who disbelieved said to those who believed: "If (it) was good , they would not have preceded us to it." And if they not be guided with it, so they will say: "That (is) old lies/falsehood."
46:12  And from before it (is) Moses' Book , a leader/example , and mercy, and that (is a) confirming Book (in an) Arabic tongue/speech, to warn/give notice (to) those who caused injustice/ oppression, and good news to the good doers
46:13  That truly those who said: "Our Lord (is) God" then they became straight/direct, so no fear/fright on them, and nor they be sad/grieving
46:14  Those are the Paradise's friends/company (they are) immortally/eternally in it, a reward/reimbursement because (of) what they were making/doing
46:15  And We directed/commanded the human (with) a goodness (in treatment) with (to) his parents, his mother bore/became pregnant with him compellingly/forcefully/involuntarily and she gave birth to him compellingly/forcefully/involuntarily, and his weight/pregnancy with him , and his wearing/separation thirty months, until when he reached his maturity/strength, and he reached forty years, he said: "My Lord inspire/influence me that (E) I thank/be grateful (for) your blessing which you blessed on me and on my parents, and that (E) I make/do correct/righteous deeds you accept/approve it, and correct/repair for me in my descendants, that I repented to you, and that I am from the Moslems/submitters/surrenderers."
46:16  Those are those whom We accept (the) best (of) what they made/did , and We overlook/forgive from their sins/crimes in the Paradises' friends/company , the truth's promise which they were being promised
46:17  And who said to his parents: "Ugh to you (B) do you (B) promise me that (E) I will be brought out, and the generations/centuries had past/expired from before me?" And they (B), they (B) seek/ask for help (from) God: "Your calamity/scandal/woe believe, that truly God's promise (is) truth ." So he says: "That (is) not except the first's/beginner's myths/baseless stories ."
46:18  Those are those who the word/opinion and belief became correct/true in nations (that) had passed/expired from before them from the Jinns and the human/mankind, that they truly were losers
46:19  And to each, steps/degrees from what they made/did , and to fulfill/complete (to) them their deeds, and they not be caused injustice to/oppressed
46:20  And a day/time those who disbelieved be displayed/exhibited on (to) the fire : "You wiped off/eliminated your good (deeds) in your life the present/worldly life, and you lived long/enjoyed with it, so the day/today you are being reimbursed (the) torture (of) the humiliation/disgrace because (of) what you were being arrogant in the earth/Planet Earth without the right , and because (of) what you were debauching ."
46:21  And remember Aad's brother when He warned/gave notice (to) his nation by the long winding sand (patterns/dunes), and the warnings/notices had past/expired from between his hands and from behind him (the warnings were given before and during his time): "That you not worship except God, that I, I fear on (for) you a great day's/time's torture."
46:22  They said: "Did you come to us to turn us away from our gods, so come/bring to us with what you promise us if you were from the truthful."
46:23  He said: "But/truly the knowledge (is) at God, and I communicate/inform you what I was sent with it, and but I see you (as) a nation being lowly/ignorant ."
46:24  So when they saw/understood it an obstructing cloud approaching/coming (to) their valleys, they said: "That obstructing cloud (is) raining on us." No/rather it is what you hurried/hastened with it, a wind/smell in it (is) a painful torture
46:25  It destroys every thing with its Lord's order/command, so they became/became in the morning not (to) be seen except their residences, as/like that We reimburse the nation, the criminals/sinners
46:26  And We had (E) highly positioned/strengthened them in what We have not highly positioned/strengthened you in it, and We made/put for them a sense of hearing , and eye sights, and hearts , so their sense of hearing , and nor their eye sights, and nor their hearts did not enrich/suffice from them a thing when they were disbelieving and denying with God's evidences/verses ; and what they were with it mocking/making fun of surrounded/encircled with them
46:27  And We had (E) destroyed what (is) around/surrounding you from the villages/urban cities, and We detailed/elaborated linguistically the evidences/verses , maybe/perhaps they return
46:28  So if only those whom they took (as) an approachment to God, gods from other than God gave them victory/aid (if only their gods that they worship other than God would give them victory), but they misguided from them, and that (is) their lies/falsehood, and what they were fabricating/cutting and splitting
46:29  And when We diverted/returned/pushed to you a group (from - )/family/tribe from the Jinns, they hear/listen (to) the Koran , so when they attended/came to it, they said: "Listen quietly." So when it ended (the Koran in entirety), they turned away to their nation warning/giving notice/warners/givers of notice
46:30  They said: "You our nation that we heard/listened to a Book (that) was descended from after Moses, confirming to what (is) between his hands, it guides to the truth and to (a) straight/direct road/path ."
46:31  You our nation, answer/reply God's caller/requester, and believe with Him, He forgives for you from your crimes and He protects/defends you from a painful torture
46:32  And who does not answer/reply (to) God's caller/requester so (he is) not with disabling/frustrating in the land/planet Earth , and (there) is not from other than Him guardians/allies , those are in clear/evident misguidance
46:33  Did they not see/understand that (E) God (is) who created the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, and (He) did not fail/fatigue with their creation, (is) with capable/able on that He revives/makes alive the deads, yes/certainly, that He truly is on every thing capable/able
46:34  And a day/time those who disbelieved be displayed/exhibited on (to) the fire (and told): "Is this not with the truth ?" They said: "Yes/certainly and by , our Lord." He said: "So taste/experience the torture because (of) what you were disbelieving."
46:35  So be patient as/like (owners) of the decisiveness/determination from the messengers became patient, and do not hurry/hasten for them, a day/time they see/understand what they are being promised (it is) as if they did not stay/remain/wait except an hour from daytime, (this is) information/communication, so do (any) except the nation the debauchers be made to die/be destroyed