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46:1  H.M
46:2  The revelation of this book is from the mighty, the wise God
46:3  We have not created the heavens, and the earth, and whatever is between them, otherwise than in truth, and for a determined period: But the unbelievers turn away from the warning which is given them
46:4  Say, what think ye? Shew me what part of the earth the idols which ye invoke, besides God, have created? Or had they any share in the creation of the heavens? Bring Me a book of scripture revealed before this, or some footstep of ancient knowledge, to countenance your idolatrous practices; if ye are men of veracity
46:5  Who is in a wider error than he who invoketh, besides God, that which cannot return him an answer, to the day of resurrection; and idols which regard not their calling on them
46:6  And which, when men shall be gathered together to judgment, will become their enemies, and will ungratefully deny their worship
46:7  When our evident signs are rehearsed unto them, the unbelievers say of the truth, when it cometh unto them, this is a manifest piece of sorcery
46:8  Will they say, Mohammed hath forged it? Answer, if I have forged it, verily ye shall not obtain for me any favour from God: He well knoweth the injurious language which ye utter concerning it: He is a sufficient witness between me and you; and He is gracious and merciful
46:9  Say, I am not singular among the apostles; neither do I know what will be done with me or with you hereafter: I follow no other than what is revealed unto me; neither am I any more than a public warner
46:10  Say, what is your opinion? If this book be from God, and ye believe not therein; and a witness of the children of Israel bear witness to its consonancy with the law, and believeth therein; and ye proudly reject the same: Are ye not unjust doers? Verily God directeth not unjust people
46:11  But those who believe not, say of the true believers, if the doctrine of the Koran had been good, they had not embraced the same before us. And when they are not guided thereby, they say, this is an antiquated lie
46:12  Whereas the book of Moses was revealed before the Koran, to be a guide and a mercy: And this is a book confirming the same, delivered, in the Arabic tongue; to denounce threats unto those who act unjustly, and to bear good tidings unto the righteous doers
46:13  As to those who say, our Lord is God; and who behave uprightly: On them shall no fear come, neither shall they be grieved
46:14  These shall be the inhabitants of paradise, they shall remain therein for ever: In recompense for that which they have wrought
46:15  We have commanded man to shew kindness to his parents: His mother beareth him in her womb with pain, and bringeth him forth with pain: And the space of his being carried in her womb, and of his weaning, is thirty months; until, when he attaineth his age of strength, and attaineth the age of forty years, he saith, O Lord, excite me, by thy inspiration, that I may be grateful for thy favours, wherewith thou hast favoured me and my parents; and that I may work righteousness, which may please thee: And be gracious unto me in my issue; for I am turned unto thee, and am a Moslem
46:16  These are they from whom We accept the good work which they have wrought, and whose evil works We pass by; and they shall be among the inhabitants of paradise: This is a true promise, which they are promised in this world
46:17  He who saith unto his parents, fie on you! Do ye promise me that I shall be taken forth from the grave, and restored to life; when many generations have passed away before me, and none of them have returned back? And his parents implore God's assistance, and say to their son, alas for thee! Believe: For the promise of God is true. But he answereth, this is no other than silly fables of the ancients
46:18  These are they whom the sentence passed on the nations which have been before them, of genii and of men, justly fitteth: They shall surely perish
46:19  For every one is prepared a certain degree of happiness or misery, according to that which they shall have wrought; that God may recompense them for their works: And they shall not be treated unjustly
46:20  On a certain day, the unbelievers shall be exposed before the fire of hell; and it shall be said unto them, ye received your good things in your life-time, while ye were in the world; and ye enjoyed yourselves therein: Wherefore this day ye shall be rewarded with the punishment of ignominy; for that ye behaved insolently in the earth, without justice, and for that ye transgressed
46:21  Remember the brother of Ad, when he preached unto his people in al Ahkaf, -- and there were preachers before him, and after him, -- saying, worship none but God: Verily I fear for you the punishment of a great day
46:22  They answered, art thou come unto us that thou mayest turn us aside from the worship of our gods? Bring on us now the punishment with which thou threatenest us, if thou art a man of veracity
46:23  He said, verily the knowledge of the time when your punishment will be inflicted, is with God; and I only declare unto you that which I am sent to preach; but I see ye are an ignorant people
46:24  And when they saw the preparation made for their punishment, namely, a cloud traversing the sky, and tending towards their valleys, they said, this is a traversing cloud, which bringeth us rain. Hud answered, nay; it is what ye demanded to be hastened: A wind, wherein is a severe vengeance
46:25  It will destroy every thing, at the command of its Lord. And in the morning nothing was to be seen, besides their empty dwellings. Thus do We reward wicked people
46:26  We had established them in the like flourishing condition wherein We have established you, O men of Mecca; and We had given them ears, and eyes, and hearts: Yet neither their ears, nor their eyes, nor their hearts profited them at all, when they rejected the signs of God; but the vengeance which they mocked at, fell upon them
46:27  We heretofore destroyed the cities which were round about you; and We variously proposed our signs unto them, that they might repent
46:28  Did those protect them, whom they took for gods, besides God, and imagined to be honoured with his familiarity? Nay; they withdrew from them: Yet this was their false opinion which seduced them, and the blasphemy which they had devised
46:29  Remember when We caused certain of the genii to turn aside unto thee, that they might hear the Koran: And when they were present at the reading of the same, they said to one another, give ear: And when it was ended, they returned back unto their people, preaching what they had heard
46:30  They said our people, verily we have heard a book read unto us, which hath been revealed since Moses, confirming the scripture which was delivered before it; and directing unto the truth, and the right way
46:31  Our people, obey God's preacher: And believe in him; that he may forgive you your sins, and may deliver you from a painful punishment
46:32  And whoever obeyeth not God's preacher, shall by no means frustrate God's vengeance on earth: neither shall he have any protectors besides Him. These will be in a manifest error
46:33  Do they not know that God, Who hath created the heavens and the earth, and was not fatigued with the creation thereof, is able to raise the dead to life? Yea verily: For He is almighty
46:34  On a certain day the unbelievers shall be exposed unto hell fire; and it shall be said unto them, is not this really come to pass? They shall answer, yea, by our Lord. God shall reply, taste, therefore, the punishment of hell, for that ye have been unbelievers
46:35  Do thou, O prophet, bear the insults of thy people with patience, as our apostles, who were endued with constancy, bare the injuries of their people: And require not their punishment to be hastened unto them. On the day whereon they shall see the punishment wherewith they have been threatened, it shall seem as though they had tarried in the world but an hour of a day. This is a fair warning. Shall any perish except the people who transgress