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100:1  I call to witness the panting and snorting chargers (of the warriors)
100:2  And those that strike sparks of fire dashing (their hoofs) against the stones
100:3  And those that make raids at dawn
100:4  And raising up clouds of dust therewith
100:5  They penetrate thus right into the middle of the (enemy) ranks
100:6  That ( good for nothing) human being is indeed very ungrateful to his Lord
100:7  And he himself bears witness to all this (by his conduct)
100:8  And he is, truly speaking, the extreme limit in (his) love for wealth
100:9  Does not, then, such a one know (the time) when all those in the graves will be raised up (in the Hereafter)
100:10  And (the time when) what is (hidden) in the bosoms (of people) shall be made known
100:11  Verily, their Lord is, of course, fully Aware of (all regarding) them that day