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100:1  By the racers (people who are like wild horses), panting (to collect worldly wealth),
100:2  Striking sparks of fire (out of their greed and anger),
100:3  And rising at dawn to make raids,
100:4  Who stir up clouds of dust with their greed,
100:5  And push and hustle their way among the people in that state... (woe to them)!
100:6  Indeed, man is very ungrateful to his Rabb!
100:7  And to this he bears witness!
100:8  Indeed, he has an intense desire for wealth!
100:9  Does he not know when that which is in the grave (the body) is dredged up and taken out,
100:10  And that which is in the hearts is made manifest,
100:11  That their Rabb, as the Names comprising their essence, is ever knowing (Habir) of them.