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100:1  By the (majestic horses) that run with panting (breath)
100:2  And strike sparks of fire
100:3  And raid (the enemy camp) with force in the morning
100:4  And raise the dust in clouds (for) the while
100:5  And penetrate straight in the middle (of enemies) in formation—
100:6  Truly, man is ungrateful to his (Almighty) Lor
100:7  And to that (fact), he bears witness (by his deeds)
100:8  And violent is he in his love for wealth
100:9  Does he not know— That when whatever is in the graves is thrown about
100:10  And whatever (locked up) in (human) breasts is made (clearly) evident—
100:11  That their Lord had been well aware of them, (even to) that Day