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100:1  Oh, the panting galloping horses of the raiders
100:2  Sparks of fire striking (with their gallops)
100:3  Charging, ambushing at dawn
100:4  Therewith raising clouds of dust
100:5  Storming into any community
100:6  Behold, man is so ungrateful to his Lord! (Robbing the fruit of others' labor)
100:7  And behold, he is a witness unto that
100:8  And behold, in the love of wealth he is ardent. (102:1-2)
100:9  Knows he not that all hidden things will be dug out? (Intentions, actions and material things that were robbed, and the disintegrated forms resurrected)
100:10  And the secrets of the hearts will be laid bare
100:11  (They will find out) on that Day - their Lord is fully Aware of them