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100:1  And (by) the snorting chargers
100:2  Then (by) the strikers (of fire) in sparks
100:3  Then (by) the morning raiders
100:4  So, they stir therewith a trail (of dust)
100:5  Then they push forward therewith into the midst of the (enemy) gathering
100:6  Surely man is indeed ungrateful to his Lord
100:7  And surely he is indeed a constant witness to that
100:8  And surely he is indeed constantly (passionate) in his love for charity (i.e., good things)
100:9  So, does he not know (that), when whatever is in the tombs is scattered away
100:10  And whatever is in the breasts is sought out
100:11  Surely upon that Day their Lord is indeed of them Ever-Cognizant