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91:1  And/by the sun and its sunrise/day light
91:2  And/by the moon when/if it followed it
91:3  And/by the daytime when/if it shined/revealed it
91:4  And/by the night when/if it covers/darkens it
91:5  And/by the sky/space and who built/constructed it
91:6  And/by the earth/Planet Earth and who spread and extended it
91:7  And/by a self and who straightened it
91:8  So He inspired/transmitted (to) it its debauchery/corruption, and its fear and obedience of God
91:9  Who purified/corrected it had succeeded/won
91:10  And who buried it/plotted against it (corrupted it) had failed/despaired
91:11  Thamud had lied/denied/falsified with its own tyranny/excess of the limit
91:12  When/if its most miserable/unhappy stirred up/urged
91:13  So God's messenger said to them: "God's female camel, and its drink/drinking (water)."
91:14  So they denied him , so they wounded it/slaughtered it/made it infertile, so their Lord became angry/destroyed on them because of their crime, so He straightened it
91:15  And He does not fear its end/turn (result)