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48:1  Truly, We gave victory to thee, a clear victory,
48:2  that God forgive thee what was former of thy impiety and what remained behind that He fulfill His divine blessing on thee and guide thee on a straight path
48:3  and that God help thee with a mighty help.
48:4  He it is Who caused the tranquility to descend into the hearts of the ones who believe that they add belief to their belief. And to God belongs the armies of the heavens and the earth. And God had been Knowing, Wise
48:5  that He causes to enter the males, ones who believe and the females, ones who believe Gardens beneath which rivers run, ones who will dwell in them forever, and that He absolve them of their evil deeds. And that had been with God a winning a sublime triumph.
48:6  And that He punish the males, ones who are hypocrites and the females, ones who are hypocrites and the males, ones who are polytheists and the females, ones who are polytheists, the ones who think an evil thought about God, a reprehensible thought, for them is the reprehensible turn of fortune. And God was angry with them. And He cursed them and prepared hell for them. And how evil a Homecoming!
48:7  And to God belongs the armies of the heavens and the earth. And God had been Almighty, Wise.
48:8  Truly, We sent thee as one who bears witness and one who gives good tidings and as a warner,
48:9  so that you believe in God and His Messenger and that you support him and revere Him and glorify Him at early morning dawn and eventide.
48:10  Truly, those who take the pledge of allegiance to thee, take the pledge of alliance only to God. The hand of God is over their hands. Then, whoever broke his oath, breaks his oath only to the harm of himself. And whoever lived up to what he made as a contract with God, He will give him a sublime compensation.
48:11  The ones who are left behind will say to thee among the nomads: Our property and our people occupied us, so ask forgiveness for us. They say with their tongues what is not in their hearts. Say: Who, then, has sway over you against God at all if He wanted to harm you or wanted to bring you profit? Nay! God had been aware of what you do.
48:12  Nay! You thought that the Messenger would never turn about and the ones who believe to their people ever, and that was made to appear pleasing in your hearts. But you thought a reprehensible thought, and you had been a lost folk.
48:13  And whoever believes not in God and His Messenger, truly, We made ready a blaze for the ones who are ungrateful.
48:14  And to God belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. He forgives whom He wills and punishes whom He wills. And God had been Forgiving, Compassionate.
48:15  The ones who are left behind will say when you set out to take the gains: Let us follow you. They want to substitute for the assertion of God. Say: You will not follow us. Thus, God said before; then, they will say: Nay! You are jealous of us. Nay! They had not been understanding, but a little.
48:16  Say to the ones who are left behind among the nomads: You will be called against a folk imbued with severe might. You will fight them or they will submit to God. Then, if you obey, God will give you a fairer compensation. But if you turn away as you turned away before, He will punish you with a painful punishment.
48:17  There is neither a fault on the blind, nor a fault on the lame, nor a fault on the sick, and whoever obeys God and His Messenger, He will cause him to enter Gardens beneath which rivers run. And whoever turns away, He will punish him with a painful punishment.
48:18  God was well-pleased with the ones who believe (f) when they take the pledge of allegiance to thee beneath the tree for He knew what was in their hearts and He caused the tranquility to descend on them and He repaid them with a victory near at hand.
48:19  And they will take much gain. And God had been Almighty, Wise.
48:20  God promised you much gain that you will take and He quickened this for you. He limited the hands of humanity from you so that perhaps it will be a sign to the ones who believe and that He guide you to a straight path
48:21  and other gains which are not yet within your power. Surely, God enclosed them. And God had been over everything Powerful.
48:22  And if those who were ungrateful fought you, they would have turned their backs. Again, they would not have found a protector or a helper.
48:23  This is a custom of God which was, surely, in force before. Thou wilt never find in a custom of God any substitution.
48:24  And He it is who limited their hands from you and your hands from them in the hollow of Makkah after He made you victors over them. And God had been Seeing of what you do.
48:25  They were ungrateful, and they barred you from the Masjid al-Haram, and were ones who detained the sacrificial gift from reaching its place of sacrifice. If it had not been for men, ones who believe, and for women, ones who believe, whom you know not that you tread on them and guilt should light on you without your knowledge. This was so that God may cause to enter into His mercy whomever He wills. If they were clearly apart, separated, We would have punished those who were ungrateful among them with a painful punishment.
48:26  Mention when those who were ungrateful laid zealotry in their hearts, like the zealotry of the Age of Ignorance. Then, God caused to descend His tranquility on His Messenger and on the ones who believe and fastened on them the Word of God-consciousness. They had been with right to it and were more worthy of it. And God had been Knowing.
48:27  Certainly, God was sincere to the dream of His Messenger with The Truth: You will enter the Masjid al-Haram, if God willed, as ones who are safe, as ones who shaved your heads or as ones whose hair is cut short. You will fear not. He knew what you know not and He assigned other than that a victory near at hand.
48:28  He it is Who sent His Messenger with guidance and the way of life of The Truth that He uplift it over all of the ways of life. And God sufficed as a witness.
48:29  Muhammad is the Messenger of God. And those who are with him are severe against the one who is ungrateful, but compassionate among themselves. Thou hast seen them as ones who bow down as ones who prostrate themselves. They are looking for grace from God and contentment. Their mark is on their faces from the effects of prostration. This is their parable in the Torah. And their parable in the Gospel is like sown seed that brought out its shoot, energized. It, then, became stout and rose straight on its plant stalk impressing the ones who sow so that He enrage by them the ones who are ungrateful, God promised those who believed and did as the ones in accord with morality, for them forgiveness and a sublime compensation.