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47:1  Those who were ungrateful and who barred from the way of God—He caused their actions to go astray.
47:2  And those who believed and did as the ones in accord with morality and believed in what was sent down to Muhammad—for it is The Truth from their Lord—He will absolve them of their evil deeds and will make right their state of mind.
47:3  That is because those who were ungrateful followed falsehood, while those who believed followed The Truth from their Lord. Thus, God propounds for humanity their parables.
47:4  So when you met those who were ungrateful, then, strike their thick necks until you gave them a sound thrashing. Then, tie them fast with restraints. And afterwards either have good will towards them or take ransom for them until the war ends, laying down its heavy load. Thus, it is so! But if God willed, He Himself would have, certainly, avenged you. But it is to try some of you with some others. As for those who were slain in the way of God, He will never cause their actions to go astray.
47:5  He will guide them and He will make right their state of mind.
47:6  And He will cause them to enter the Garden with which He acquainted them.
47:7  O those who believed! If you help God, He will help you and make firm your feet.
47:8  As for those who are ungrateful, for them is falling into ruin! And He caused their actions to go astray.
47:9  That is because they disliked what God caused to descend so He caused their actions to fail.
47:10  Journey they not through the earth and look on how had been the Ultimate End of those who were before them? God destroyed them. And for ones who are ungrateful is its likeness.
47:11  That is because God is the Defender of those who believed. And for the ones who are ungrateful, there is no defender of them.
47:12  Truly, God will cause to enter those who believed and did as the ones in accord with morality, gardens beneath which rivers run. While those who were ungrateful, take joy in eating as the flocks eat, the fire will be the place of lodging for them.
47:13  And how many a town had there been which was stronger in strength than thy town which drove thee out, that We have caused to perish? And there was no one who helps them!
47:14  Is he who had been on a clear portent from his Lord like him for whom was made to appear pleasing his dire actions and they followed their own desires?
47:15  This is the parable of the Garden which was promised the ones who are Godfearing: In it are rivers of unpolluted water and rivers of milk, the taste of which is not modified and rivers of intoxicants delightful to ones who drink and rivers of clarified honey, and in it for them all kinds of fruits and forgiveness from their Lord. Is this like ones who will dwell forever in the fire and they were given scalding water to drink so that it cuts off their bowels?
47:16  And among them are some who listen to thee until when they went forth from thee. They said to those who were given the knowledge: What was that he said just now? Those are those upon whose hearts God set a seal. And they followed their own desires.
47:17  And those who were truly guided, He increased them in guidance and He gave to them their God-consciousness.
47:18  Look they, then, on not but the Hour, that it approach them suddenly? Certainly, its tokens drew near. Then, what will it be like for them when their reminder drew near to them?
47:19  So know thou that there is no god but God and ask forgiveness for thy impieties and also for the males, ones who believe and the females, ones who believe, and God knows your place of turmoil and your place of lodging.
47:20  And those who believed say: Why was a Chapter of the Quran not caused to descend? But when was caused to descend a definitive Chapter of the Quran and fighting was remembered in it, thou hadst seen those who in their hearts is a sickness looking on thee with the look of one who is fainting at death.
47:21  But better for them would be obedience and an honorable saying! And when the affair was resolved, then, if they were sincere to God, it would have been better for them.
47:22  Will it be that if you turned away, you would make corruption in the earth and cut off your ties with blood relations?
47:23  Those are those whom God cursed, so He made them unwilling to hear and their sight, unwilling to see.
47:24  Meditate they not, then, on the Quran or are there locks on their hearts?
47:25  Truly, those who went back—turn their back— after the guidance became clear to them, it was Satan who enticed them and He granted them indulgence.
47:26  That is because they said to those who disliked what God sent down: We will obey you in some of the affair. And God knows what they keep secret.
47:27  Then, how will it be for them when the angels will call them to themselves, striking their faces and their backs?
47:28  That is because they followed what displeased God and they disliked His contentment so He caused their actions to fail.
47:29  Or assumed those who in their hearts is a sickness that God will never bring out their rancor?
47:30  If We will, We would have caused thee to see them. Thou wouldst have recognized them by their mark. But, certainly, thou wilt recognize them by the twisting of sayings. And God knows all your actions.
47:31  And, certainly, We will try you until We know the ones who struggle among you and the ones who remain steadfast and We will try your reports.
47:32  Truly, those who were ungrateful and barred from the way of God and made a breach with the Messenger after guidance became clear to them, they never hurt or profit God at all, but He will cause their actions to fail.
47:33  O those who believed! Obey God and obey the Messenger and render not your actions untrue.
47:34  Truly, those who were ungrateful and barred from the way of God, again, they died while they were ones who are ungrateful, then, God will never forgive them.
47:35  So be not faint and call for peace while you have the upper hand. God is with you and He will never cheat you out of your actions.
47:36  This present life is only a pastime and a diversion. But if you believe and are Godfearing, He will give you your compensation and will not ask of you for your property.
47:37  When He asks it of you and, then, urges persistently, you would be a miser and He will bring out your rancor.
47:38  Lo and behold! These are being called to spend in the way of God, yet among you are some who are misers. And whoever is a miser, then, he is a miser only to himself. God is Sufficient and you are poor. And if you turn away, He will have a folk other than you in exchange. Again, they will not be the like of you.