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61:1  Whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth has glorified Allah. And He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise
61:2  O you who have Believed! Why do you utter which you do not practice
61:3  Has become very serious the hatred in the sight of Allah that you may utter which you do not practice
61:4  Surely, Allah loves those who make Qital in His Cause (moving) in columns as if they are a structure cemented with (molten) lead
61:5  And (bring to mind) when Musa said to his nation: “O my nation! Why do you hurt me, although indeed you know that I am Rusulullah (Messenger of Allah) to you?” So when they became hard (in their attitude), Allah made their hearts hard (and unreceptive). And Allah does not guide the nation of Al-Fasiqun
61:6  And (bring to mind) when Iesa Ibn-e-Maryam (son of Mary) said: “O Bani Israiel! Without any doubt I am Rasulullah (Messenger of Allah) unto you — as a confirmer and verifier for that which is inbetween my two hands as Taurat; and as Mubasshir (one who transmits glad news in advance) about a Rasul (Messenger) — he comes after me, his name (would be) Ahmad.” So when he came to them (whom Iesa was addressing, i.e., Bani Israiel) alongwith Al-Bayyinat (‘The Evidently clear items’) they (i.e., Bani Israiel) said: “This (Al-Bayyinat) is evident magic.” [Please refer Verses 2/87, 253; 5/110; and 43/63 where Iesa comes alongwith Al-Bayyinat. Allah’s Book is permanent and immune to change. It has made itself evident to each and every Prophet of God. It is being propagated to mankind since Day-one and continues to be propagated till the Last Day. This very Book shall examine all mankind individually on the Day of Accountability. Note that the word Taurat has been used as an attribute for Al-Kitab which Prophet Iesa holds in his hand and is propagating to his people. Also note that the word Taurat, although present at 18 places in Allah’s Book, has nowhere been used as an attribute for Al-Kitab in relation to Prophet Musa! Please note that this new Rasul comes after Iesa and not the vice versa]
61:7  And who is a more transgressing one than that who forged a lie in the name of Allah, while he is being invited to Islam? And Allah does not guide the nation of transgressors
61:8  People intend that they may put off the Light of Allah with (the power of arguments and speech in) their mouths. And Allah is One Who completes His Light even if the disbelievers disliked
61:9  He it is Who has sent His Messenger with Al-Hudah and the Legitimate Religion, so that He may cause it to prevail over way of life — to each and every aspect of it even though the polytheists felt aversion (against it)
61:10  O you who have Believed! Shall I direct you to a trade which may rescue you from a painful punishment
61:11  Continue to Believe in Allah and His Messenger; and continue to strive in the Way of Allah with your wealth and your persons. This unto you is good to you if you had been knowing
61:12  (If you adopt this approach to your life) He will forgive you your sins, and He will admit you to Gardens — flow underneath them rivers; and (He will allot you) pleasant rest-houses in the Gardens of Eternity. That becomes the supreme achievement
61:13  And another (blessing) which you exceedingly desire: Nasrun-min-Allah-wa-Fathun-Qarib (Aid and assistance from Allah and a closeby victory). And transmit glad-news in advance to the Believers
61:14  O you who have Believed! Become Ansarullah — the way said Iesa, son of Maryam to Al-Hawariyyun, “Who (would become) my Ansar (those who assist and help me) towards (the Cause of) Allah?” Al-Hawariyyun (the newly reverted ones) said: “We are Ansar unto Allah.” Then a group out of Bani Israiel accepted Faith while (the other) group disbelieved. So We assisted those who had Believed against their enemy, then they became uppermost ones