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62:1  Whatsoever is in the heavens and the earth glorifies Allah, — the Sovereign, the Holy One, the All-Mighty, the All-Wise
62:2  He it is Who raised amongst Al-Ummiyyun a Messenger from among themselves. He reproduces unto them His Ayaat, and he purifies them, and he teaches the knowledge of Al-Kitab and Al-Hikmah even if they remained in manifest error before
62:3  and the other ones in relation to them who have not already joined them and He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise
62:4  That is the Grace of Allah which He bestows on whom He thinks proper. And Allah is the Possessor of Supreme Bounty
62:5  The likeness of those who were entrusted At-Taurat then they did not hold it with responsibility is the likeness of an ass who carries huge burdens of books. Bad (is the) example of the nation of those who denied Ayaatullah. And Allah does not guide the nation of transgressors
62:6  Say: “O you people who Haadoo (have adopted Judaism)! If you stressed that you are auliya of Allah to the exclusion of mankind, then wish for death if you are those who speak the truth.”
62:7  And they will not long for that (death) ever because of what their hands have sent in advance. And Allah is All-Aware of the transgressors
62:8  Say: “Verily, the death from which you flee, so surely it is something which must meet you; then you will be sent back to the Knower of the unseen and the seen, then He will inform you about what you used to practice.”
62:9  O you who have Believed! When the call is proclaimed for As-Salat (the Prayer) in a portion of Youmul Jumu’ah (The Day of the congregation), then proceed quickly to Zikr (Message) of Allah and interrupt the trade, business or commerce. This unto you is better for you if you had been knowing (the hidden benefit)
62:10  Then when As-Salat is completed, then disperse through the land, and seek out of the Bounty of Allah, and propagate Allah exceedingly, perchance you may attain success
62:11  And when they noticed some trade or amusement they turned to it, and they left you in the standing position (while you had been delivering the sermon from the pulpit). Say: “Whatever is available with Allah is better than amusement and than trade. And Allah (is) the Better One of those who provide sustenance and provisions.”