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59:1  Praised/glorified to God what (is) in the skies/space and what (is) in the earth/Planet Earth, and He is the glorious/mighty , the wise/judicious
59:2  He is who brought out those who disbelieved from The Book's people from their homes/countries to the gathering's beginning, you did not think/assume that (E) they emerge , and they thought/assumed , that they, their fortresses/fortification are protecting them/making them invincible from God, so God came to them from where/when they did not think/suppose, and He threw/hurled in their hearts/minds the terror/fright, they destroy/demolish their houses/homes with their hands, and the believers' hands, so be warned/cautioned, you (owners) of the eye sights/knowledge
59:3  Where it not for that (E) God wrote/decreed the departure/moving out on them, He would have tortured them in the present world, and for them in the end (other life is) the fire's torture
59:4  That (is) with that they defied/disobeyed God and His messenger, and who defies/disobeys God, so then God (is) strong (severe) in the punishment
59:5  What you cut off from a palm , or you left it standing on its roots , so (it is) with God's permission/pardon, and to reimburse the debauchers
59:6  And what God bestowed upon/gave spoils of war on His messenger from them, so you did not hurry/rush on him from horses, and nor camels ridden or loaded/riders , and but God empowers His messengers on whom He wills/wants , and God is on every thing capable. (Whatever God gave His messenger is not from your support but through God's blessing.
59:7  What God bestowed upon/gave spoils of war on His messenger from the villages'/urban cities' people , so (it is) to God and the messenger, and to of the relations/near, and the orphans , and the poorest of poor/poor oppressed, and the traveler/stranded traveler, in order that (it) not be a rotation/alternation between the rich from you, and what the messenger gave you , so take/receive it , and what he forbid/prevented you from it, so terminate/stop , and fear and obey God, so that truly God (is) strong (severe in) the punishment
59:8  To the poorest of poor/poor oppressed the emigrants those who were brought out/driven out from their houses/homes and their properties/possessions , they wish/desire grace/favour from God, and an acceptance/approval , and they give victory/aid (to) God and His messenger, those, they are the truthful
59:9  And those who resided/settled the house/home and the faith/belief from before them, they love/like who emigrated to them, and they do not find in their chests (innermosts) a need/necessity from what they were given/brought, and they prefer/choose (the immigrants) over themselves and even if (it) was neediness/poverty with them, and who is protected (from) his self', so those are the successful/winners
59:10  And those who came from after them, they say: "Our Lord forgive for us, and to our brothers, those who preceded us with (to) the faith/belief, and do not make/put in our hearts/minds hatred/animosity to those who believed, our Lord, that you are merciful/compassionate, merciful."
59:11  Did you not see to those who exercised hypocrisy, they say to their brothers those who disbelieved from The Books' people: "If (E) you were brought out, we will go out (E) with you. And we do not obey anyone in (from) you ever (E), and if you were fought/killed, We will give you victory/aid (E)." And God witnesses/testifies that they truly are liars/deniers/falsifiers (E)
59:12  If (E) they were brought/driven out, they do not get out with them, and if (E) they were fought/killed, they do not give them victory/aid, and if (E) they gave them victory/aid, they will turn away (E) (on) the backs/ends, then, they do not be given victory/aid
59:13  You are (E) stronger terror/fright in their chests (innermosts) than God, that (is) with that they (are) a nation not understanding/knowing
59:14  They do not fight/kill you all/all together, except in fortified/protected villages/urban cities, or from behind walls, their courage/power between them (is) strong (severe), you think/suppose them (to be) all/all together, and their hearts/minds (are) separate/different , that (is) with that they are a nation not reasoning/comprehending
59:15  As/like (the) example/proverb, (of) those from before them near/close (shortly), they tasted/experienced their matters'/affair's severity/bad consequences , and for them (is) a painful torture
59:16  As/like (the) example/proverb (of) the devil, when he said to the human/mankind: "Disbelieve." So when he (the human) disbelieved, he said: "I am innocent/renouncing from you, that I, I fear God, the creations all together's/(universes') Lord."
59:17  So their (B)'s end (result) was that they (B) (are) in the fire immortally/eternally in it, and that (is) the unjust's/oppressive's reimbursement
59:18  You, you those who believed, fear and obey God, and a self should watch/consider what it advanced/presented for tomorrow/(the) future, and fear and obey God, that truly God (is) expert/experienced, with what you make/do
59:19  And do not be as/like those who forgot God, so He made them forget themselves, those, they are the debauchers
59:20  The fire's owners/company/friends and the treed garden's/paradise's owners/company/friends, do not become equal/alike, the treed garden's/paradise's owners/company/friends, they are the successful/triumphant
59:21  If We descended this the Koran on (a) mountain you would have seen/understood it humble/submissive splitting/cracking from God's fear, and those are the examples/proverbs We give it for the people, maybe/perhaps they think
59:22  He is God, He whom (there is) no God except Him, knower (of) the unseen/invisible/ supernatural and the testimony/presence , He is the merciful, the most merciful
59:23  He is God, which (there is) no God except Him, the king/owner/possessor , the holy/sanctimonious/ glorified , the safety/security/peace , the confirmer/believer , the guardian/protector , the glorious/mighty , the almighty/tremendous , the greatened/proud/arrogant , God's praise/glory from what they share/make partners (with Him)
59:24  He is God, the creator , the creator , the shaper/former/image maker , for Him (are) the names the good/most beautiful , what (is) in the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth, praise/glorify to Him, and He is the glorious/mighty , the wise/judicious