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60:1  You, you those who believed, do not take My enemy and your enemy (as) guardians/allies , you throw to them with the love/affection, and they had disbelieved with what came to you from the truth , they drive/bring out the messenger and you, (because) that (E) you believe with (in) God your Lord, if you had gotten out/appeared struggling/defending for the faith in My way/path , and wishing/desiring My acceptances/approvals , you keep secret to them with the love/affection, and I am more knowledgeable with what you hid, and what you declared/publicized , and who makes/does it from you, so he had been misguided/lost (from) the way's/path's straightness/middle
60:2  If they defeat/overcome you they be for you enemies, and they extend/spread their hands and their tongues to you with the bad/evil/harm, and they wished/loved if you disbelieve
60:3  Your relations and nor your children will never/not benefit you (on) the Resurrection Day, He separates/judges/decides between you, and God (is) with what you make/do seeing/knowin
60:4  A good example/model (to follow) had been for you in Abraham and those with him, when they said to their nation: "We are innocent/separating from you, and from what you worship from other than God, we disbelieved with you, and the animosity and the intense hatred appeared between us and between you (for) ever (E), until you believe with (in) God alone." Except Abraham's word/statement to his father: "I will ask for forgiveness for you, and I do not own/possess for you from God from a thing, our Lord, on You we relied depended (on) , and to You we returned/repented , and to You (is) the end/destination."
60:5  Our Lord do not make/put us (as) a test/allurement to those who disbelieved, and forgive for us, our Lord, that You truly are, You are, the glorious/mighty , the wise/judicious
60:6  A good example/model (to follow) had been for you in them, to who was hoping/expecting God, and the Day the Last/Resurrection Day; and who turns away, so then God, He is the rich, the praiseworthy/commendable
60:7  Maybe/perhaps that (E) God makes/puts between you, and between those whom you made animosity with, from them, love/affection/friendship, and God (is) capable/able , and God (is) forgiving, merciful
60:8  God does not forbid/prevent you from those who did not fight/kill you in the religion, and they did not bring/drive you out from your houses/countries , that (E) you be righteous/charitable/truthful to them, and be just/equitable to them, that truly God loves/likes the just/equitable
60:9  But God forbids/prevents you from those who fought/killed you in the religion, and they brought/drove you out from your houses/countries , and they cooperated/supported on forcing/driving you out , that (E) you follow them, and who follows them, so those, they are the unjust/oppressive
60:10  You, you those who believed, if the believing females came to you emigrating , so test/examine them (F) , God (is) more knowing with their faith/belief, so if you knew them (F) (to be) believers (F), so do not return them to the disbelievers, they (F) are not permitted/allowed for them, and nor they (the disbelievers) be permitted/allowed for them (F), and give them what they spent, and (there is) no offense/sin that (E) youmarry them (F) if you gave them (F) their rewards (dowries) , and do not hold fast/grasp/seize with the (insisting) disbelievers' ties/bonds (discontinue marriage to disbelieving women), and ask (for) what you spent, and they should ask (for) what they spent, that (is) God's judgment/rule, He judges/rules between you, and God (is) knowledgeable, wise/judicious
60:11  And if a thing passed you from your spouses to the disbelievers, (so if you lost some of your possessions to disbelieving wives that left you) so you punished , so bring those whom their spouses went/took away (reimburse spouses of disbelievers) similar/equal (to) what they spent, and fear and obey God, whom you are with (in) Him believing
60:12  You, you the prophet, if the believers (F) came to you, they (F) pledge/swear to you loyalty on that (E) they (F) not share/make partners with God a thing, and nor they (F) steal/rob, and nor they (F) commit adultery/fornication , and nor they (F) kill their (F) children, and nor they (F) do/commit with falsehood/slander (that) they (F) fabricate it between their (F) hands and their (F) feet, and nor they (F) disobey you in known/generosity , so pledge/swear to them (F) loyalty, and ask for forgiveness (P) for them (F) (from) God, that truly God (is) forgiving, merciful
60:13  You, you those who believed, do not follow a nation God became angry/angered on them, they had despaired/become hopeless from the end (other life), as/like the disbelievers despair/become hopeless from the graves'/burial place's owner