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48:1  We have given you a clear victory.
48:2  So that Allah forgives you any sin that has been and that is to come and completes His favours upon you and guides you on a straight path.
48:3  And so that Allah helps you with mighty support.
48:4  He is who sent tranquillity into the hearts of the believers to increase them further in their faith, and to Allah belong the forces of the heavens and the earth, and Allah is knowing and wise.
48:5  So that He enters the believing men and women into gardens through which rivers flow, where they will remain, and cancels their bad deeds, and this is the ultimate success with Allah.
48:6  And punishes the pretending men and women and idolatrous men and women who thought bad of Allah - the bad turns back on them, and Allah is angry with them and curses them and promises them hell, a bad destination.
48:7  And to Allah belong the forces of the heavens and the earth, and Allah is mighty and wise.
48:8  We sent you as a witness and bringer of good news and a warner.
48:9  So that you would believe in Allah and His messenger and strengthen him and defend him and glorify Him in the mornings and evenings.
48:10  Those who pledged allegiance to you have pledged allegiance to Allah; Allah´s hand was above their hands. Then if someone falls short, he falls short against himself, and if someone keeps what he promised to Allah, He will give him a tremendous reward.
48:11  Those desert Arabs who stayed behind will say to you: our wealth and families kept us busy, so forgive us. They say with their mouths what is not in their hearts. Say: then who has any power for you over Allah if He wants harm or benefit for you? But Allah is informed of what you do.
48:12  But you thought that the messenger and the believers would never return to their families, and that appealed to you in your hearts and you thought bad and were ruined as people.
48:13  And whoever does not believe in Allah and His messenger, We have promised a flame for those who reject (the truth).
48:14  And to Allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth; He forgives whom He pleases and punishes whom He pleases, and Allah is forgiving and merciful.
48:15  Those who stayed behind say when you leave to acquire booty: allow us to follow you. They want to change the word of Allah. Say: you will not follow us; this is what Allah said before. Then they will say: you only envy us - but they hardly understand.
48:16  Say to the desert Arabs who stayed behind: you will be called against a people with terrifying strength whom you will fight unless they surrender, then if you obey, Allah will give you a good reward, and if you turn away as you turned away before, He will punish you with a painful punishment.
48:17  There is no blame on the blind, nor is there blame on the lame, nor is there blame on the sick, and whoever obeys Allah and His messenger, He enters him into the gardens through which rivers flow, and whoever turns away, He punishes him with a painful punishment.
48:18  Allah was content with the believers when they pledged allegiance to you under the tree, and He knew what was in their hearts and sent tranquillity upon them and rewarded them with a near victory.
48:19  And much booty for them to acquire, and Allah is mighty and wise.
48:20  And Allah promised you that you would acquire much booty and sped this up for you and kept the people´s hands off you, to make it a sign for the believers and to guide you on a straight path.
48:21  And more which you have not yet obtained but which Allah has full knowledge of, and Allah is able to do anything.
48:22  And if those who reject (the truth) fought you, they would turn their backs and then not find any protector or helper.
48:23  The custom of Allah which has gone before, and you will not find a change in the custom of Allah.
48:24  And He is who kept their hands off you and your hands off them in the valley of Makkah after He had given you victory over them, and Allah saw what you did.
48:25  They are the ones who reject (the truth) and prevent you from the sacred mosque and the intercepted offering from reaching its destination, and if there were not believing men and believing women whom you don´t know and whom you would pass over and for whom you would unknowingly be to blame - for Allah enters into His mercy whom He pleases -, if those had left We would have punished those who reject (the truth) amongst them with a painful punishment.
48:26  When those who reject (the truth) placed rage into their hearts, the rage of ignorance, Allah sent His tranquillity upon His messenger and upon the believers and held them to the word of awareness (that there is no god but Allah), which they had most right to and which belonged to them, and Allah knows everything.
48:27  Allah has verified His messenger´s vision with the truth that you will enter the sacred mosque, if Allah pleases, safe, with shaved and cropped heads, without fear, for He knew what you did not know and gave a near victory besides that.
48:28  He is who sent His messenger with the guidance and the religion of truth to make it manifest over all religion, and Allah is sufficient as a witness.
48:29  Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, and those with him are stern against those who reject (the truth) and merciful amongst themselves. You see them bowing and prostrating, seeking favours from Allah and approval. Their marks are on their faces from the traces of prostration. That is their likeness in the Torah, and their likeness in the Gospel is that of a seed from which a shoot emerges, then strengthens, then rises straight from its stalk to please the planter and to annoy those who reject (the truth). Allah has promised those of them who believe and do good forgiveness and an immenses reward.