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48:1  Truly We have opened up a path to clear triumph for you [Prophet]
48:2  so that God may forgive you your past and future sins, complete His grace upon you, guide you to a straight path
48:3  and help you mightily
48:4  It was He who made His tranquillity descend into the hearts of the believers, to add faith to their faith––the forces of the heavens and earth belong to God; He is all knowing and all wise–&ndash
48:5  so as to admit believing men and women into Gardens graced with flowing streams, there to remain, absolving their bad deeds––a great triumph in God’s eyes–&ndash
48:6  and to torment the hypocritical and idolatrous men and women who harbour evil thoughts about God––it is they who will be encircled by evil!––who carry the burden of God’s anger, whom God has rejected and for whom He has prepared Hell, an evil destination
48:7  The forces of heaven and earth belong to God; He is almighty and all wise
48:8  We have sent you [Prophet] to bring good news and to give warning
48:9  so that you[people] may believe in God and His Messenger, support Him, honour Him, and praise Him morning and evening
48:10  Those who pledge loyalty to you [Prophet] are actually pledging loyalty to God Himself- God’s hand is placed on theirs––and anyone who breaks his pledge does so to his own detriment: God will give a great reward to the one who fulfils his pledge to Him
48:11  The desert Arabs who stayed behind will say to you, ‘We were busy with our property and our families: ask forgiveness for us,’ but they say with their tongues what is not in their hearts. Say, ‘Whether it is God’s will to do you harm or good, who can intervene for you?’ No! God is fully aware of everything you [people] do
48:12  No! You thought that the Messenger and the believers would never return to their families and this thought warmed your hearts. Your thoughts are evil, for you are corrupt people
48:13  We have prepared a blazing Fire for those who do not believe in God and His Messenger
48:14  Control of the heavens and earth belongs to God and He forgives whoever He will and punishes whoever He will: God is most forgiving and merciful
48:15  When you [believers] set off for somewhere that promises war gains, those who [previously] stayed behind will say, ‘Let us come with you.’ They want to change God’s words, but tell them [Prophet], ‘You may not come with us: God has said this before.’ They will reply, ‘You begrudge us out of jealousy.’ How little they understand
48:16  Tell the desert Arabs who stayed behind, ‘You will be called to face a people of great might in war and to fight them, unless they surrender: if you obey, God will reward you well, but if you turn away, as you have done before, He will punish you heavily
48:17  the blind, the lame, and the sick will not be blamed.’ God will admit anyone who obeys Him and His Messenger to Gardens graced with flowing streams; He will painfully punish anyone who turns away
48:18  God was pleased with the believers when they swore allegiance to you [Prophet] under the tree: He knew what was in their hearts and so He sent tranquillity down to them and rewarded them with a speedy triump
48:19  and with many future gains. God is mighty and wise
48:20  He has promised you [people] many future gains: He has hastened this gain for you. He has held back the hands of hostile people from you as a sign for the faithful and He will guide you to a straight path
48:21  There are many other gains [to come], over which you have no power. God has full control over them: God has power over all things
48:22  If the disbelievers had fought against you, they would have taken flight and found no one to protect or support them
48:23  such was God’s practice in the past and you will find no change in God’s practices
48:24  In the valley of Mecca it was He who held their hands back from you and your hands back from them after He gave you the advantage over them––God sees all that you do
48:25  They were the ones who disbelieved, who barred you from the Sacred Mosque, and who prevented the offering from reaching its place of sacrifice. If there had not been among them, unknown to you, believing men and women whom you would have trampled underfoot, inadvertently incurring guilt on their account- God brings whoever He will into His mercy- if the [believers] had been clearly separated, We would have inflicted a painful punishment on the disbelievers
48:26  While the disbelievers had fury in their hearts- the fury of ignorance- God sent His tranquillity down on to His Messenger and the believers and made binding on them [their] promise to obey God, for that was more appropriate and fitting for them. God has full knowledge of all things
48:27  God has truly fulfilled His Messenger’s vision: ‘God willing, you will most certainly enter the Sacred Mosque in safety, shavenheaded or with cropped hair, without fear!’- God knew what you did not- and He has granted you a speedy triumph
48:28  It was He who sent His Messenger, with guidance and the religion of Truth, for him to show that it is above all [false] religion. God suffices as a witness
48:29  Muhammad is the Messenger of God. Those who follow him are harsh towards the disbelievers and compassionate towards each other. You see them kneeling and prostrating, seeking God’s bounty and His good pleasure: on their faces they bear the marks of their prostrations. This is how they are pictured in the Torah and the Gospel: like a seed that puts forth its shoot, becomes strong, grows thick, and rises on its stem to the delight of its sowers. So God infuriates the disbelievers through them; God promises forgiveness and a great reward to those who believe and do righteous deeds