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48:1  Surely We have given to you a clear victor
48:2  That Allah may forgive your community their past faults and those to come, and complete His favour to you and keep you on a Straight Way
48:3  And that Allah might help you with powerful help
48:4  He it is Who sent down tranquillity into the heart of the believers that they might have more of faith added to their faith - for Allah´s are the hosts (forces) of the heavens and the earth, and Allah is Knowing, Wise
48:5  That He may cause the believing men and the believing women to enter Gardens beneath which rivers flow to abide therein, and remove from them their evil; and that, in the sight of Allah, is the supreme achievement (or triumph)
48:6  And that He may punish the hypocritical men and the hypocritical women, and the idolatrous men and the idolatrous women, who entertain evil thoughts about Allah. For them is the evil turn of fortune, and Allah is wroth with them and has cursed them and p
48:7  Allah´s are the hosts (or forces) of the heavens and the earth; and Allah is Mighty, Wise
48:8  Surely We have sent you (O Muhammad) as a witness and as a bearer of good news and as a Warner
48:9  That you (mankind) may believe in Allah and His Messenger and may aid Him and revere Him; and that you may declare His glory, morning and evening
48:10  Surely those who swear allegiance unto you (O Muhammad) do but swear allegiance to Allah; the hand of Allah is above their hands. Therefore, whoever breaks his faith, he breaks it only to the injury of his own soul, and whoever fulfils what he has covena
48:11  Those of the dwellers of the desert who were left behind will say to you, "Our property and our families kept us busy, so ask forgiveness for us." They say with their tongues what is not in their heart. Say, "Then who can control anything
48:12  "Nay! You rather thought that the messenger and the believers would not ever return to their families, and this was made fair-seeming to your heart, and you thought an evil thought and you were a worthless people."
48:13  And whoever does not believe in Allah and His Messenger - Lo! We have prepared a blazing Fire for the disbelievers
48:14  And Allah´s is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth; He forgives whom He wills and punishes whom He wills, and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful
48:15  Those who are left behind will say when you set forth to capture booty, "Allow us to follow you." They fain would change the verdict of Allah. Say, "By no means shall you follow us; thus did Allah say before." But they will say, "
48:16  Say to those of the dwellers of the desert who were left behind: "You shall soon be invited to fight against a people possessing mighty prowess; you will fight against them or they will submit; then if you obey, Allah will grant you a good reward; a
48:17  There is no blame for the blind, nor is there any blame for the lame, nor is there any blame for the sick if they do not go forth to war; and whoever obeys Allah and His Apostle, He will cause him to enter Gardens beneath which rivers flow, and whoever t
48:18  Certainly Allah´s Good Pleasure was on the believers when they swore allegiance unto you  under the tree, and He knew what was in their heart, so He sent down peace (or tranquillity) on them and rewarded them with a near victory
48:19  And many gains which they will acquire; and Allah is Mighty, Wise
48:20  Allah promised you many gains which you will acquire, then He has given you this one as a foretaste and restrained the hands of men from you, that it may be a sign for the believers and that He may guide you on a Straight Way
48:21  And other gains which are not yet within your power (or have not been able to achieve), Allah will encompassed them, and Allah has power over all things
48:22  And if those who disbelieve fight with you, they would certainly turn their backs, then they would not find any protector or helper
48:23  Such has been the course (or practice or law) of Allah that has indeed run also in the past, and you shall find no power to change this course (or law) of Allah
48:24  And He it is Who held back their hands from you and your hands from them in the valley of Mecca after He had given you victory over them; and Allah is Seeing what you do
48:25  It is they who disbelieved and turned you away from the Sacred Mosque and prevented the offering from reaching its destined place. Were it not for the believing men and the believing women (in Mecca), whom you knew not that you were trampling, thereby in
48:26  When those who disbelieved harboured in their heart feelings of agitation and disdain - the agitation and disdain of the Days of Ignorance - Allah sent down His tranquillity on His Messenger and on the believers, and made them adhere to the Word (or comm
48:27  Truly Allah had shown to His Messenger the vision: you shall most certainly enter the Sacred Mosque, if Allah wills, in security, some with shaved heads and others with cut hair, fearless. But He knows what you do not know, and He has given you a near vi
48:28  He it is Who sent His Messenger with the guidance and the true religion that He may make it prevail over all the religions; and Allah is enough for a witness
48:29  Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and those with him are firm of heart against the unbelievers, compassionate among themselves; you will see them bowing down, prostrating themselves, seeking grace from Allah and His Good Pleasure; their marks are in th