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AYAH al-Inshiqaq 84:6 

Arabic Source and Roman Transliteration
Arabic يَا أَيُّهَا الْإِنسَانُ إِنَّكَ كَادِحٌ إِلَىٰ رَبِّكَ كَدْحًا فَمُلَاقِيه zoom
Transliteration Ya ayyuha al-insanu innaka kadihun ila rabbika kadhan famulaqeehi zoom
Transliteration-2 yāayyuhā l-insānu innaka kādiḥun ilā rabbika kadḥan famulāqīh zoom
Word for Word
Dr. Shehnaz Shaikh, Ms. Kauser Katri, and more
 O mankind! Indeed, you (are) laboring to your Lord (with) exertion and you (will) meet Him. zoom

Generally Accepted Translations of the Meaning
Muhammad Asad [then,] O man - thou [that] hast, verily, been toiling towards thy Sustainer in painful toil - then shalt thou meet Him zoom
M. M. Pickthall Thou, verily, O man, art working toward thy Lord a work which thou wilt meet (in His presence) zoom
Yusuf Ali (Saudi Rev. 1985) O thou man! Verily thou art ever toiling on towards thy Lord- painfully toiling,- but thou shalt meet Him zoom
Shakir O man! surely you must strive (to attain) to your Lord, a hard striving until you meet Him zoom
Wahiduddin Khan O man, having striven hard towards your Lord, you shall meet Him zoom
Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar O human being! Truly, thou art one who is laboring towards thy Lord laboriously and thou wilt be one who encounters Him. zoom
T.B.Irving Everyman, you are toiling constantly for your Lord, and you will meet Him! zoom
The Clear Quran, Dr. Mustafa Khattab O humanity! Indeed, you are labouring restlessly towards your Lord, and will ˹eventually˺ meet the consequences. zoom
Safi Kaskas O human being, you are laboring toward your Lord and you will meet Him. zoom
Abdul Hye O mankind! Surely, you must strive very hard towards your Lord; then you will meet (Allah). zoom
The Study Quran O mankind! Truly thou art laboring unto thy Lord laboriously, and shall meet Him zoom
[The Monotheist Group] (2011 Edition) O man, you will be returning to your Lord with your actions and meeting Him zoom
Abdel Haleem you humans, toiling laboriously towards your Lord, will meet Him zoom
Abdul Majid Daryabadi O man! verily thou art toiling toward thy Lord a painful toiling, and art about to meet Him zoom
Ahmed Ali O man, you have to strive and go on striving towards your Lord, then will you meet Him zoom
Aisha Bewley O Man! You are toiling laboriously towards your Lord but meet Him you will! zoom
Ali Ünal O human! You are ever toiling toward your Lord in a labor to be re-encountered (before His judgment) zoom
Ali Quli Qara'i O man! You are labouring toward your Lord laboriously, and you will encounter Him zoom
Hamid S. Aziz O man! Verily, you are toiling on towards your Lord, painfully toiling; wherefore shall you meet Him zoom
Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali O you man, surely you are exerting yourself to your Lord with great exertion, then you will be meeting Him zoom
Muhammad Sarwar Human being, you strive hard to get closer to your Lord, and so you will certainly receive the recompense (of your deeds) zoom
Muhammad Taqi Usmani O man, you have to work hard constantly to reach your Lord, and then you have to meet Him zoom
Shabbir Ahmed O Man! Behold, You have been toiling hard toward your Lord - painfully toiling - then you shall meet Him zoom
Syed Vickar Ahamed O you man! You are surely always moving towards your Lord painfully moving but you shall meet Him zoom
Umm Muhammad (Sahih International) O mankind, indeed you are laboring toward your Lord with [great] exertion and will meet it zoom
Farook Malik , O mankind! Surely you must strive towards your Lord, a hard striving, then you shall meet Him zoom
Dr. Munir Munshey Oh man! Indeed, you are steadily advancing towards your Lord. You shall meet Him zoom
Dr. Kamal Omar O you the human being! Surely, you are (the) one striving towards your Nourisher-Sustainer — a hard effort, then (you are the one) who must meet Him zoom
Talal A. Itani (new translation) O man! You are laboring towards your Lord, and you will meet Him zoom
Maududi O man, you are striving unto your Lord and you will meet Him zoom
Ali Bakhtiari Nejad Human being, indeed you are a hard worker toward your Master, working hard, and you meet Him zoom
A.L. Bilal Muhammad et al (2018) O human beings, indeed you are toiling on towards your Lord, ever toiling, but you will meet Him zoom
Musharraf Hussain People, you strive and struggle gradually moving towards your Lord; finally you’ll meet Him! zoom
[The Monotheist Group] (2013 Edition) O man, you will be moving towards your Lord and meeting Him. zoom
Mohammad Shafi O human! You do indeed have to put in hard labour to go to your Lord, and then you meet Him zoom

Controversial, deprecated, or status undetermined works
Bijan Moeinian Know that man one day will meet his Creator. Meanwhile, he has to struggle hard to earn his Lord’s pleasure zoom
Faridul Haque O man, indeed you have to surely run towards your Lord, and to meet him zoom
Hasan Al-Fatih Qaribullah O human, you are working hard towards your Lord and you will meet Him zoom
Maulana Muhammad Ali O man, thou must strive a hard striving (to attain) to thy Lord, until thou meet Him zoom
Muhammad Ahmed - Samira You, you the human/mankind, that you truly are exerting/labouring/toiling to your Lord exertion/labour/toil, so you (are) receiving/meeting Him zoom
Sher Ali Verily, thou, O man, art toiling along towards thy Lord, a hard toiling; until thou meet HIM zoom
Rashad Khalifa O humans, you are irreversibly heading for a meeting with your Lord zoom
Ahmed Raza Khan (Barelvi) 'O Man! undoubtedly, you are to run, necessarily towards your Lord, then you are to meet Him. zoom
Amatul Rahman Omar O Mankind! verily you are (by nature) toiling on towards your Lord a laborious toiling, then (through arduous service to Him) you shall surely meet Him zoom
Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri O man! You sustain rigours to reach your Lord. Ultimately, you will meet Him zoom
Muhsin Khan & Muhammad al-Hilali O man! Verily, you are returning towards your Lord with your deeds and actions (good or bad), a sure returning, so you will meet (i.e. the results of your deeds which you did) zoom

Non-Muslim and/or Orientalist works
Arthur John Arberry O Man! Thou art labouring unto thy Lord laboriously, and thou shalt encounter Him zoom
Edward Henry Palmer O man! verily, thou are toiling after thy Lord, toiling; wherefore shalt thou meet Him zoom
George Sale O man, verily labouring thou labourest to meet thy Lord, and thou shalt meet Him zoom
John Medows Rodwell Then verily, O man, who desirest to reach thy Lord, shalt thou meet him zoom
N J Dawood (2014) O man, who labour constantly to meet your Lord, shall you meet Him zoom

New and/or Partial Translations, and works in progress
Linda “iLHam” Barto O Humanity, truly, you are toiling onward towards your Lord, with effort, but you will meet Him. zoom
Sayyid Qutb O man! You have been toiling towards your Lord, and you shall meet Him. zoom
Ahmed Hulusi O man! Indeed, you are striving towards your Rabb! You will reach Him in the end! zoom
Torres Al Haneef (partial translation) "O human! Surely you are working toward your Lord with hard labour, but you will meet Him." zoom
Sayyed Abbas Sadr-Ameli O man! Surely you are ever toiling on towards your Lord; painfully toiling, until you meet Hi zoom
Al-muntakhab fi tafsir al-Qur'an al-Karim Remember O man, you are arduously labouring and painfully toiling toward your Creator Whom you shall meet in the end zoom
Mir Aneesuddin O man! you are certainly labouring towards your Fosterer, with a labour, so you will meet Him. zoom

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