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al-Inshiqaq (The Sundering, Splitting Open)
as rendered by Rashad Khalifa
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Rashad Khalifa rendition of Surah The Sundering, Splitting Open(al-Inshiqaq)
84:1 The time will come when the sky is ruptured
84:2 It will submit to its Lord and expire
84:3 The earth will be leveled
84:4 It will eject its contents, as it erupts
84:5 It will submit to its Lord and expire
84:6 O humans, you are irreversibly heading for a meeting with your Lord
84:7 As for the one who receives his record in his right hand
84:8 His reckoning will be easy
84:9 He will return to his people joyfully
84:10 As for the one who receives his record behind his back
84:11 He will be ridden with remorse
84:12 And will burn in Hell
84:13 He used to act arrogantly among his people
84:14 He thought that he will never be called to account
84:15 Yes indeed, his Lord was Seer of him
84:16 I solemnly swear by the rosy dusk
84:17 And the night as it spreads
84:18 And the moon and its phases
84:19 You will move from stage to stag
84:20 Why do they not believe
84:21 And when the Quran is recited to them, they do not fall prostrate
84:22 This is because those who disbelieved are rejecting (the Quran)
84:23 GOD is fully aware of their innermost thoughts
84:24 Promise them painful retribution
84:25 As for those who believed and led a righteous life, they receive a recompense that is well-deserved


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