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al-Inshiqaq (The Sundering, Splitting Open)
as rendered by Shabbir Ahmed
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Shabbir Ahmed rendition of Surah The Sundering, Splitting Open(al-Inshiqaq)
84:1 When the Sky is rent asunder. (The high Space will be explored and Astronomy will bring knowledge of the Cosmos)
84:2 It will listen to its Lord for that is what it has been decreed to do
84:3 And when the earth is spread out. (It becomes widely inhabited)
84:4 And casts out whatever is in it and becomes void. (The earth will bring forth its fossils and minerals through Archaeology, drilling and mining)
84:5 It will listen to its Lord for that is what it has been decreed to do
84:6 O Man! Behold, You have been toiling hard toward your Lord - painfully toiling - then you shall meet Him
84:7 Then whoever is given his Book in his right hand, (The follower of this Revelation is indeed blessed, for)
84:8 He truly reckons the decisions of his life with ease
84:9 And returns rejoicing to his folk (the Ideologically synchronous minds)
84:10 But as for him who is given his Book behind his back (he who has turned his back to the Book, looking back to the ancestral traditions)
84:11 He will be inviting upon himself chaos
84:12 And enter the Blazing Flame
84:13 Behold, he used to enjoy the company of his own kind
84:14 For, behold, he deemed that life would never quit revolving like this
84:15 Nay, but behold, his Lord did see all his mettle. ('Bihi' = In him = His true worth = His mettle)
84:16 Oh, I call to witness the Rosy Afterglow of sunset
84:17 And the Night and all that it enshrouds
84:18 And the Moon as it steadily grows to her fullness
84:19 That you will traverse higher and higher from one plane to another. (Civilizations will keep advancing in sciences, and individuals will always have a chance to grow in goodness. Furthermore, evolution of the 'Self' will carry on in the life to come)
84:20 What, then, is the matter with them that they believe not (in a higher form of life?
84:21 And when the Qur'an is recited to them, they prostrate not! (They adore not and humble themselves not before the eloquence, Wisdom and Majesty of the Divine Word!
84:22 Nay, but the rejecters belie
84:23 And Allah is best Knower of what they hide. (Their idols, peer pressure, traditions, malice, schemes, vested interests)
84:24 So give them the tiding of an awful doom
84:25 Except to those who choose to be graced with belief and do acts that help people - for them is a reward unending


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