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87:1  Glorify the Name of your Guardian Lord, the Most High!
87:2  He is the One Who creates everything and fashions it perfectly,
87:3  Who measured all things precisely and inspired suitably,
87:4  And Who brings forth the green pasture,
87:5  And then turns it into dark stubble.
87:6  We will make you recite the Qur’ān so that you shall not forget,
87:7  Except for what Allâh has willed. He has full knowledge of whatever is apparent and whatever is hidden.
87:8  And We will ease your way to the state of ease.
87:9  Now, therefore, enlighten (with Qur’ān) since enlightenment profits (those who pursue the truth & Salvation).
87:10  Surely the one who shows reverence for Allâh will be enlightened
87:11  But it will be eschewed the most wretched,
87:12  Who will (enter &) burn in the Greatest Fire
87:13  Where he will neither die therein nor live.
87:14  Most surely the one who will ultimately achieve a blissful life is he who indulges in purity,
87:15  Who celebrates the Name of his Lord and prays.
87:16  Yet you prefer the worldly life,
87:17  Whereas the Hereafter is far better and everlasting.
87:18  Indeed! This is written in the early Scriptures.
87:19  The Scriptures of Abraham and Moses.