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87:1  Glorify the name of your Lord the Highest!
87:2  He has created and proportioned.
87:3  He has measured and guided.
87:4  He has brought forth the pasture.
87:5  And He makes it ruined stubble.
87:6  We will teach you [the Qur’an] so that you won’t forget.
87:7  The exception is as Allah wills. Indeed, He knows what is visible and what is hidden.
87:8  We will make it easy for you, simple.
87:9  Therefore, remind in case there is benefit to those reminded.
87:10  The reminder will be received by those who have reverence.
87:11  It will be rejected by the wretched ones.
87:12  They will enter the great fire.
87:13  There they will neither die nor live.
87:14  Prosperity will be for one who purifies him-/herself.
87:15  [He/she] glorifies the name of his/her Lord and prays.
87:16  Ridiculous! You prefer the life of this world.
87:17  But the hereafter is better and permanent.
87:18  Truly, this is in the earlier Scriptures.
87:19  [They are] the records of Abraham and Moses.