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87:1  Glory to the name of your Lord Most High
87:2  Who has created, and further gives order and proportion
87:3  Who has ordained laws, and granted guidance
87:4  And Who makes the pasture grow
87:5  And then makes it dark stubble
87:6  By degrees We will teach you to declare the message, so you will not forget
87:7  Except what God wills, for He knows what is manifest and what is hidden
87:8  And We will ease you to what is easy
87:9  Therefore give advice, in case the advice profits
87:10  The advice will be received by those who are conscious of God
87:11  But it will be avoided by the most unfortunate ones
87:12  Who will enter the great fire
87:13  In which they will then neither die nor live
87:14  But those will flourish who refine themselves
87:15  And glorify the name of their Lord in prayer
87:16  No, you prefer the life of the present
87:17  But the hereafter is better and longer lasting
87:18  And this is in the Ancient Books
87:19  The Books of Abraham and Moses