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87:1  Glorify (tasbih) the most exalted name of your Rabb (experience the exaltedness of the reality that comprises your essence within your depths)!
87:2  Who created (the body) and proportioned it,
87:3  And who determined and guided (to manifest His perfection),
87:4  And who formed the pasture (as place of benefit for them),
87:5  Then made it black stubble (corpses to be cast into the earth).
87:6  We will make you READ and you shall not forget!
87:7  Except for what Allah wills... Indeed, He knows what is manifest and what is concealed.
87:8  We are going to ease you toward ease!
87:9  So remind, if reminding benefits!
87:10  He who is in awe shall remember and contemplate!
87:11  While the most unfortunate one shall flee from it!
87:12  He (the most unfortunate one) will be subject to the greatest Fire (falling eternally far from Allah)!
87:13  Then he will neither die therein (be saved) nor live (with the knowledge of the reality)!
87:14  The purified and the refined have attained true success!
87:15  And he who remembers the name of his Rabb and establishes(experiences) salat has attained true success!
87:16  But you prefer the life of the world (the lowest state of existence)!
87:17  When the life after (the dimension of power and consciousness) is much better and more lasting.
87:18  Indeed, this (knowledge of the reality) was also in the previously disclosed knowledge.
87:19  The knowledge disclosed by Abraham and Moses!