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87:1  Glorify the name of your Lord, the Most High
87:2  Who created and gave the things created good shape
87:3  And Who determined [the span of existence for the things created] and guided them
87:4  And Who brought out the verdure [on the earth]
87:5  And then made it into dark rubble
87:6  We shall make you recite and then you will not forge
87:7  Except for what Allah wills. HE knows what is manifest and what is hidden
87:8  And We shall make things easy for you
87:9  Should the divine Words of the Qur'aan benefit them, do recite these to them
87:10  He who fears (Allah) shall take heed therefrom
87:11  And he who is wicked will shun it
87:12  He who will burn in the Great Fire
87:13  Then he will neither die in it, nor live
87:14  He will surely attain salvation who keeps himself pure [in worldly life]
87:15  And oft-remembers his Lordճ name and then prays to Him
87:16  But no, you prefer this worldly life
87:17  Whereas the Hereafter is better and enduring
87:18  This fact, indeed, was [also stated] in the earlier Scriptures —
87:19  The Scriptures of Abraham and Moses