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87:1  Extol the limitless glory of the name of your Lord, the Most High,
87:2  who creates and proportions well,
87:3  who determines and guides,
87:4  who brings forth the pasturage,
87:5  then turns it to withered grass.
87:6  We shall teach you and you shall not forget,
87:7  except what God wills. He knows what is manifest and what is kept hidden.
87:8  And We shall smooth your way to perfect ease.
87:9  Give warning, therefore, [regardless of] whether such warning is of use.
87:10  He who fears God will heed it,
87:11  but the most hapless wretch will turn aside from it,
87:12  who shall be cast into the great fire,
87:13  in which he shall neither die nor remain alive.
87:14  Successful will be he who purifies himself,
87:15  and glorifies the name of his Lord and prays.
87:16  Yet you prefer this present life,
87:17  while the life to come is better and longer lasting.
87:18  All this has indeed been stated in the earlier revelations;
87:19  the scriptures of Abraham and Moses.