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87:1  Glorify the Name of thy Lord, The Lofty
87:2  Who created and shaped
87:3  and who ordained and, then, guided
87:4  and who brought out the pasture
87:5  then, made it dark colored refuse.
87:6  We will make thee recite and thou wilt not forget
87:7  but what God willed. Truly, He knows the openly published and whatever is hidden.
87:8  And We will make easy for thee an easing.
87:9  So remind if a reminder profited them.
87:10  Whoever dreads God will recollect,
87:11  but the disappointed will scorn it—
87:12  even he who will roast in the great fire,
87:13  again, neither dying in it nor living.
87:14  He, surely, prospered, he who purified himself,
87:15  and remembered the Name of his Lord and invoked blessings.
87:16  Nay! You hold this present life in greater favor,
87:17  yet the world to come is better, and one that endures.
87:18  Truly, this is in the previous scrolls,
87:19  the scrolls of Abraham and Moses.