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87:1  [Prophet], glorify the name of your Lord the Most High
87:2  who created [all things] in due proportion
87:3  who determined their destinies and guided them
87:4  who brought out the green pastur
87:5  then made it dark debris
87:6  [Prophet], We shall teach you [the Quran] and you will not forget–&ndash
87:7  unless God wishes; He knows both what is open and what is hidden–&ndash
87:8  We shall show you the easy way
87:9  So remind, if reminding will help
87:10  Those who stand in awe of God will heed the reminder
87:11  but it will be ignored by the most wicked
87:12  who will enter the Great Fire
87:13  where they will neither die nor live
87:14  Prosperous are those who purify themselves
87:15  remember the name of their Lord, and pray
87:16  Yet you [people] prefer the life of this world
87:17  even though the Hereafter is better and more lasting
87:18  All this is in the earlier scriptures
87:19  the scriptures of Abraham and Moses