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87:1  Praise the name of thy Lord, the most high
87:2  Who hath created, and completely formed his creatures
87:3  And Who determineth them to various ends, and directeth them to attain the same
87:4  and who produceth the pasture for cattle
87:5  and afterwards rendereth the same dry stubble of a dusky hue
87:6  We will enable thee to rehearse our revelations; and thou shalt not forget any part thereof
87:7  except what God shall please; for He knoweth that which is manifest, and that which is hidden
87:8  And We will facilitate unto thee the most easy way
87:9  Wherefore admonish thy people, if thy admonition shall be profitable unto them
87:10  Whoso feareth God, he will be admonished
87:11  But the most wretched unbeliever will turn away therefrom
87:12  who shall be cast to be broiled in the greater fire of hell
87:13  wherein he shall not die, neither shall he live
87:14  Now hath he attained felicity who is purified by faith
87:15  and who remembereth the name of his Lord, and prayeth
87:16  But ye prefer this present life
87:17  Yet the life to come is better, and more durable
87:18  Verily this is written in the ancient books
87:19  the books of Abraham and Moses