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61:1  Whatever is in Heaven and whatever is on Earth celebrates God. He is the Powerful, the Wise!
61:2  You who believe, why do you preach something you are not practicing?
61:3  God feels a strong distaste for you to preach something you do not practice.
61:4  God loves those who fight for His sake in [battle] ranks as if they were a solid structure.
61:5  Thus Moses told his folk: "My folk, why do you annoy me? You know I am God´s messenger to you." When they wavered, God let their hearts waver too; God does not guide immoral folk.
61:6  So Jesus the son of Mary said: "Children of Israel, I am God´s messenger to you, confirming whatever came before me in the Testament and announcing a messenger coming after me whose name will be Ahmad." Yet when he brought them explanations, they said: "This is sheer magic!"
61:7  Who is more in the wrong than someone who invents a lie about God while he is being invited to [embrace] Islam? God does not guide such wrongdoing folk.
61:8  They want to blow God´s light out with their mouths while He is Perfecting His light no matter how disbelievers may dislike it.
61:9  He is the One Who has sent His messenger with guidance and the True Religion, so He may have it prevail over every other religion no matter how those who associate [others with God] may hate it.
61:10  You who believe, shall I lead you to a bargain that will save you from painful torment?
61:11  You should believe in God and His messenger, and strive in God´s way with your property and your persons; that will be better for you if you only knew.
61:12  He will forgive you your offences and show you into gardens through which rivers flow, and wholesome dwellings in the gardens of Eden. That will be the supreme Achievement!
61:13  And something else you will love to have: support from God and a victory close at hand. Proclaim such to believers!
61:14  You who believe, act as God´s supporters just as Jesus the son of Mary told the disciples: "Who will be my supporters [along the way] towards God?" The disciples said: "We are God´s supporters." A faction from the Children of Israel believed, while another faction disbelieved. We assisted the ones who believed against their enemy, till they held the upper hand.