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59:1  For Allah has glorified all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth and He it is The All-mighty, The All-wise.
59:2  It is He who expelled those who disbelieved among the people of the book from their homes right from the first gathering. You did not think that they will go forth and they thought that their fortresses were going to protect them from Allah but Allah came upon them from where they did not expect and He cast the terror in their hearts. They demolished their houses with their own hands and with the hands of the believers therefore take a lesson O you who are endowed with the sight!
59:3  Had Allah not decreed upon them the banishment, He surely would have punished them in this life and for them in the hereafter will be the punishment of the fire.
59:4  This is so because they have contended against Allah and His messenger and whosoever contends against Allah, then truly Allah is formidable in retribution.
59:5  Whatever date-trees you might have cut down or left standing on their foundations indeed was by the permission of Allah and so that He may humiliate the renegades.
59:6  And whatever gains of war which Allah may have bestowed on His messenger from them, it was not through your raiding of them with horses or with camels but Allah gives authority to His messengers over any that He pleases and Allah has power over everything.
59:7  Whatever gains of war Allah may have bestowed on His messenger from the people of the townships are for Allah and for the messenger and for the near of kin and the orphans and the needy ones and the wayfarer so that it does not become a monopoly between the rich among you. And whatever the messenger brings unto you, take it and whatever he forbids you from, then [from it] keep away and revere Allah. Truly Allah is Formidable in the chastisement.
59:8  For the poor migrants who were driven out from their homes and from their properties, they seek favor from Allah and [His] good pleasure and they help Allah and His messenger. These are the ones who are true in faith.
59:9  And those who were established in the home and in the faith before them, they love whosoever migrates to them and they find in their bosoms no hankering after that which they [migrants] were given and they give preference over their own selves even when they were in dire hunger. And whosoever is protected against the selfishness of his own soul, truly those are the prosperers.
59:10  And those who came after them they say, “O our Lord! Forgive us [our sins] and for our brothers who preceded us in the faith and do not put rancor in our hearts against those who have believed. O our Lord! Truly you are All-tender, Most-merciful.”
59:11  Have you not seen those who have taken to hypocrisy, they say to their brethren who have disbelieved from among the people of the book, “If you are driven out, we will go out with you and we will not obey anyone in regards to you ever and if you are fought against, we certainly will help you.” And Allah bears witness that indeed they are most certainly liars.
59:12  If they are driven out they will not go out with them and if they are fought against, they will not help them and if they help them, they will certainly turn their backs in flight and then they will not be helped.
59:13  Truly the fear of you is greater in their bosoms than [the fear] of Allah. This is because they are a people who do not discern.
59:14  They will not fight you altogether except in fortified townships or from behind walls. Their strife is mighty among them. You think that they are united altogether but their hearts are divergent. That is because they are a people who do not understand.
59:15  Like the fate of those who were before them a short while ago. They tasted the evil outcome of their affair and for them will be a painful punishment.
59:16  Similar to the fate of Satan who says to the human being, “Disbelieve” but when he has disbelieved he says, “I indeed disavow you for I indeed fear Allah, Lord of the worlds.”
59:17  The ultimate fate of both of them is that both of them will be in the fire to abide therein forever and that is the reward of those who wrong their own souls.
59:18  O you who believe! Revere Allah and let every soul see that which it has sent forth for tomorrow and revere Allah. Truly Allah is All-acquainted with all that you do.
59:19  And be not like those who forgot Allah so He caused them to forget themselves. Those are the renegades.
59:20  People of the fire are not equal to the people of the garden. People of the garden, they are the successful ones.
59:21  Had We sent down this Quran on a mountain, you will surely see it humble and breaking into pieces out of deference of Allah and those examples We set them forth for the mankind so that perhaps they may reflect.
59:22  He Allah, it is He, there is no deity save He, Knower of the unseen and of the witnessed. He is Ar-Rahman [The All-merciful], The Most Merciful.
59:23  He Allah, it is He, there is no deity save He, The King, The All-holy, The Peace, The Inspirer of faith, The Superseder, The All-mighty, The All-compelling, The All-grandiose. Glory be unto Allah from all that they ascribe as partners unto Him.
59:24  He is Allah, The Creator, The Moulder, The Fashioner, for Him are the most excellent names. All that is in the heavens and in the earth glorify Him and He is The All-mighty, The All-wise.