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102:1  Competing in increase of worldly goods (seeking and then boasting of the acquisition of things, wealth, pedigree, and posterity) distracts you (from the proper purpose of life)
102:2  Until you come to the graves
102:3  No indeed! You will surely come to understand (when death comes to you)
102:4  Again, no indeed! You will surely come to understand it (when you are raised from the dead)
102:5  No indeed! If only you knew with certainty of knowledge (then you would not disorder priorities)
102:6  You will most surely see the Blazing Flame
102:7  Then (when you go to the other world), you will most surely see it with the eye of certainty
102:8  And on that Day you will most surely be questioned as to all the favors (bestowed on you)