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102:1  Your greed for massive wealth and the superiority complex has made you negligent (of the Hereafter)
102:2  Until you go down to the graves
102:3  No indeed! You will soon learn (this reality that wealth and riches will avail you nothing)
102:4  Again (you are warned.) No! Never! You will soon learn about (your end)
102:5  Yes indeed! Would that you knew with the knowledge of certitude (the consequence of greed for wealth and riches and your negligence! Then, lost in the worldly pleasures, you would never forget the Hereafter like this)
102:6  (Consequent on your greed) you will surely see Hell
102:7  Then you will certainly see it with the eye of certitude
102:8  Then on that Day, you will certainly be questioned about the bounties (given to you by Allah and the way you consumed them)